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I don't think its a bad power supply since it still does it when I am using it. Its sounds like half of a beep like when you change the speed. It works fine but i was wondering if there was somthing that is going to fail on it soon.

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I got your answer... Only reason I know this is because I had the same problem/issue last year. Who reads the manual anyway...I thought mine was broken until I decided to see if there was something in the manual..

If you read the manual on page 9 you will see that it is using "Audio Mode #3" you will find that you can correct this by pressing the increase speed and decrease speed button at the same time to change between the 3 audio modes. The receiver will respond with 1, 2, or 3 beeps that correspond to the audio mode. The factory preset is audio mode 2.

Here is some notes from the manual:

Audio Mode 1 = All the normal audio sounds mentioned in the owners manual.

Audio Mode 2 = Same as audio mode 1 plus an audible beeb for speed increase/decrease and prop on/off.

Audio Mode 3 = Same as audio mode 2 plus the prop on audible click every few seconds.


With motor plugged in press '+' and '-' at the same time. You should hear 1 beep. Repeat this process again and you will hear 2 beeps. You are now back to the factory preset.

Hope this helps!


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