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Muskie Photo Gallery


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  • 11 months later...

For more of the nice catch...and release photos that will be coming in. Follow the steps below to post a picture and try to keep the size of the pictures under control MAX posting size for us in the musky forum is under 800x800 pixels

1. First upload your picture to a picture hosting site, such as Photobucket or Imageshack.

2. Now you have them stored, go to your picture you want to share.

3.Click on the thumbnail and you should get a picture that fits to the page( if not you can use thumbnail or resize).

4. Right click on the image you want to post.

5. At the bottom select properties.

6. Highlight the web address in properties( NOT FROM ADDRESS BAR the one in the properties box) and copy the entire address.

7. Write what you want for your post.

8. Wherever you want the picture click on the "Image" link( Instant UBB Code).

9. Paste the address you copied from the properties in the image pop up window and click ok. You will then see the URL mumbo jumbo in your post.

10. Continue and preview post with pic.

11. Submit post

That should do it.

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ZERO!! Counting last year thats five in a row for her, she won't let me catch any shocked.gif It sure is fun when she hooks into one she gets so excited. Reminds me of John Gillespie "Get the net, Get the net" grin.gifgrin.gif

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She was very FAT Girl! She bled a little but swam away very nicely. I was worried when she had the whole Dancin Raider engulfed but the hooks just popped out when I put the spreader in. I thought I was going to have to do some cutting.


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These pics are of a guy with some serious begingers luck...or maybe it was the guide wink.gif!! I taught this guy how to cast the baitcaster reel and work the bait this AM. He practiced a bit and then fired a cast behind the boat. On his first cast at our target he gets this pretty 40 inch fish to eat the bait about 10 feet into working it. His first legit cast for a musky in his life??? shocked.gif I don't get it! laugh.gif



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