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cordless drill auger adapter?



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Dont get me wrong guys .. I'm a serious skeptic about everything new.. but I'm also very mehanically inclined and have some experience with robotics, and creating various items.

The drill shown in the picture (18V Ryobi)has decent torque and a pretty good battery life. The other drill mentioned was a 12V DeWalt(XRP assuming) which is another drill that will handle some serious work, and has a great battery life. It was specified to run at the low speed setting on the drill.. which is still cruising for a 5"-6" hole.

The auger shown is a lazer hand auger in a 5" diameter at 30 holes.. and a 6" was also mentioned at 22 and claimed to drill 22 holes.

I dont know if you guys have used a 5" lazer personally, but when the blades are sharp, they will turn with no effort.. a 6" isnt much different.

I believe their claims are possible, with a WARM, freshly charged battery cutting through clear ice(not old holes). With a 24V Dewalt Hammer Drill(extra handle for support) it likely wouldnt be any problem drilling out holes in a permanent with a lazer type auger with sharp blades.

This may be an item very well worth trying.. It should work well as long as your batteries are kept warm.

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I thought of that too.. thats why I made the comment on the hammer drill(takes 2 hands).

I never said the thing couldn't be hard on the wrist .. but my best guess is that it would work. My guess is one would have to lift up the auger and get the rpm's up when the auger sticks... I think we have all done that with gas augers... at least the drill has reverse if the auger gets wedged too bad.

I would also think the hand auger blades would get dull quicker than the *power lazer* blades. A person with one of these adapters may be better off with an 8" auger and a heavier drill so it can handle proper blades?

I guess its all theory, but it would be nice to have a *cordless* auger... one less small engine to tune every other year.

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