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Acua-vu MC2X



Anybody have any good tips on using. Question- At night do fish see the camera light or is it only visible to us? Just ordered the tri-pod from Reeds, 14.95. Its cheap enough, hope it helps with camera spin!!

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My main experience with underwater viewing systems is with Aqua-Vu systems. The system I am the most impressed with is the Aqua-Vu SV system. The Aqua-Vu SV offers the user the ability to orient oneself on structure. The compass feature on the Aqua-Vu SV is by far the best feature any underwater camera can have. You can quickly orient and track schooling fish and map structure in detail. An indispensable tool in my eye.

The new Aqua-Vu Mo-Pod is a big hit. That really makes camera operation far less of a hassle while actively fishing. A tri-pod alone is a huge benefit when used with the Aqua-Vu SV system. The Mo-Pod camera control system takes user convenience to a whole new level. Very cool!

Lights are not as useful to me as the compass feature. I have mixed feeling of how effective they truly are at night. They work well in clear water yet I feel they often spook fish.

When I do use the lights at night I use them with the camera set to focus downward, a birds eye view with the aid of the tail fin. I feel this has less of a detrimental effect on spooky predators like walleye. I use the camera in a working relationship with my Vexilar to pinpoint the mood of the fish in 3-D from the vertical and the horizontal. The combination is highly effective for me on rivers.

Adding the tri-pod to your MC2x-Series camera system will make your camera use far more productive and enjoyable. A very wise choice.

Ed "Backwater Eddy" Carlson

Backwater Guiding
"ED on the RED"
[email protected]

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