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One Good Turn Deserves Another!!



I recieved a Coleman On-Demand propane&battery powered hot water heater to field test.

It came with a packet of coupons for $25.00 off the purchase of same ($180.00) which expire 1/31/04. These coupons are for me to distribute to family & friends. I haven't used the unit yet, but I am offering these coupons to anyone who thinks they have a need for one.

Email me your mailing address at [email protected]

I'll get ya one in the mail as soon as I can.

It's a small opportunity to thank all the friends and folks who have offered their support, advice, humor and hospitality to this site in the last year.
Quantity is very, very limited - so act soon.

"The bow is set to distant shore,
then loss is gained and gains once more.
When beach is reached and sails are torn,
the journey is it's own reward."

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It's a product made by Coleman, and released this year. It lists at $180.00 or so.

1st test - We left it and the jug of water in the back of the truck while the kids and I went sledding/boarding. After an hour or so, we took a cocoa-break.

The water does not pre-heat in a reservoir, it heats during flow via an exchanger. This exchanger is designed to heat the water to 100 degrees above the temp of the water in the jug, to a max of 160 degrees.

The unit did not come close to that, and used probably a quart run through it to get up to *warm* - with the source water at approx. 35-40 degrees. The hottest the water got was just enough to dissolve Swiss Miss, and leave the marshmallows crunchy.

2nd test will be at room temp - to simulate a normal morning during typical camping season - to check it's usefulness for car camping.

Conclusions will be posted after 2nd test.

More importantly, my son (5) made several runs on his snowboard which exceeded 50 yards, and has started executing heel-side stops. My daughter (3) rides her sled solo, but does not yet know how to ditch or steer.

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