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Ice Rod/Reel Setup

Dan Brelje

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Have a ST.Croix MEDlt that works pretty good, but my Midwest medlt rod with a 7bb reel works very good also.Then again my Thorne Bros rod with tica cetus reel is also a very good unit. Of the three, the midwest combo would be the winner for me.

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If you are looking for a rod to serve double duty, I think you will make sacrifices on both ends of the spectrum.

I like a heavier than normal panfish rod for URL crappies. I have a Thorne 28" perch sweethweart which is a very nice setup for URL crappies. As you probably know, a 20" walleye is pretty standard fare on any given night with the chance to land much bigger walleye & pike too. I want my rod to land a 40" class pike up there if I'm lucky enough to tangle with one.

On any other lake, I want a much lighter, sensitive rod for bluegills and crappies. Maybe a noodle rod or a light action rod w/ a spring bobber to detect those subtle bites.

Both Thorne & Midwest have awesome rods and I would look at those first if you want to spend some money. You won't regret it.

I've become a fan of Tica reels, especially the SB500. They team up well with a light rod.

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Done some shopping around and i have a few rods in consideration and many questions. Here are some questions i've got.

1. What are the advantages of fishing a 28", 24"

2. Would the power noodle be the right choice over a sweet thing or sweat heart for panfish (crappies,bluegill,perch)

3. Midwest Rods. Ultralite would be best choice for panies, right? 24" or 28"

Thanks much

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