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You folks like Mexico??????

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Well, here I am.

Got married in September, got a new job, now I work 6 days a week, 12 hours a day, and don't have time for Jack you know who.

But, tomorrow morning, we leave bright and early for our honeymoon...In, you guessed it...MEXICO.

Cancun to be more specific.

Maybe I'll go fish the ocean. Maybe I'll get a tan. Maybe I'll drink some tequila. Maybe I'll swim in the pool.

Maybe when I return there will be more time to FISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I sure hope you are allready tan, otherwise you better wear a bunch of suntan lotion. My parents leave tonight, they will be in Cozumel, an island off of Cancun. They have ferries that run back and fourth, if you want some great snorkeling go to Cozumel and go to the park, its very cool, tons of fish swimming all around you. The ferrie ride is about $10 and they go all day long. Have a good trip.

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If you can spend at least one full day in cozumel. It's great! Especially the native indian people who are some of the friendliest people I have ever met anywhere. They love to haggle over the costs of things if you know how to make a fun game out of it. The little shops, the open air restaurants, the snorkeling at the park and those rum coconut drinks, the food, the melons, the smell of the coffee. Ahhh, you will love it! Buy some vanilla, some Kahlua, some cheap silver that will turn green in a month but by all means talk to the people and get to know a couple if you can.

I would only caution you about one thing and that is not to rent any type of vehicle for traveling around from place to place. You can taxi anywhere from one side of the island to the other for the price of dirt if you ask ahead of time what the rate is. I always make conversation with the taxi driver. Get the taxi driver to talk and sit back and take it all in. Taxi drivers are your friends, mexican police are not. If one approaches you for anything- he will ask to see your license, stick it in his pocket, tell you to go down to the station to pay a fine, pretend not to speak english, eventually convey to you in some manner that you can pay him the fine, to which you will respond, "20 pesos? No problem." To which he will respond in perfect english,.."No! Twenty U.S. dollars!"

Oh well, at least you will have some great stories to tell along with some really good photos. Underwater cameras are a must also if you snorkel or scuba dive. You probably have heard most of this stuff already from friends or family. Just remember what I said about the police. They are not your friendly neighborhood traffic cop. Troy

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