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Depthfinder for fly-in trip

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If you already own an ice system Vex take that with. You can easily shoot through the hull on a boat with the puck with this simple trick.

Take along a couple of pieces of PVC tube cut from pipe just larger then the outside diameter of the ducer puck.

You then slip the ducer into the puck with a wet paper towel at the bottom, or a piece of felt on the bottom to help to conduct the sound through the hull.

Center the puck and tube in the sump area at the rear and center of the boat. This should allow for a good signal at most speeds (you may get some interference from air bubbles at hi-speeds depending on the style of the boat hull). You can also cut 1/8 notched with a hack-saw on the bottom of the tube so water in the sump will seep in and keep the felt wet without adding it into the tube. Either way works ok.

Just be sure to wet the felt/paper towel and push the air bubbles out from under the puck so you get a good conduction of sound back and forth through the hull.

If you still get some clutter and you have a FL-18 switch it to LP mode and adjust the gain up accordingly and this should solve it. You can also accomplish the same thing on a FL-8 with the addition of the S-Cable to the ducer.

I have done this many times and it works very well. Take it for a test run before you go and see how well it works and how to set it up.

This may work as well or even better with a MarCum LX-3 unit but I have yet to test it.

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