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Carolina Riggin'


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I haven't done much of this. I look to add this to my arsenal this summer along with drop shotting. What type of fishing conditions am I looking at using this technique? Is there certain structure I should look for to fish this? What types of artificial lures work best for this set-up?

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I'm No expert. But I personally like to use them in deep water presentation. I also like StrikeKings 3X baits, cause them seem to float very well. Although I've used them with almost ever type of plastic out on the market.

Good luck hope this helps

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This was one of the first tactics I tried as a converted walleye guy -- after all the carolina rig is a basically a Lindy Rig.

A quick tackle tip...Others (with more experience) may disagree, but since I really recommend the no=snag sinkers with ratttles. They simply do not snag.

Although you will find that carolina rig will weed up in thick growth such as milfoil, you can drag it through less heavy cover...on the edges of a milfoil bed where the weeds turn to sparser cabbage type, etc.

Mentally, you can think of a carolina rig as a way to work a lure over something while keeping your distance from it...say you find a rock or sand point that comes up from 15 ft to four and then back down...you can keep your boat on one side or the other and then cast across the point...It is also great for working a lure down slopes: a dock that sits very close to a drop off is a great example.

Finally, creature baits have worked well for me, so you can buy all those plastics that look like a crawfish with an electric afro now...you have an exact use for them.

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