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What's your make to support?

Chevy, Dodge or Ford?

Or do you route for the drivers/teams irresepective of the brand?

I'm pretty much a Chevy guy, but not absolute. I think Kasey Kahne is awesome in his Dodge's and I like Kenseth OK too.

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It's really stupid to call these cars Fords, or Chevys. They have nothing in common with the street cars other than a vague resemblence to the body shape. Swap the engine block and sheet metal and your Ford stock car is now a Chevy. Not that the blocks are stock either. In modern racing the make arguement is silly IMHO.

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I don't think so. The power plants (especially in the cylinder heads I think) are distinct to the manufacturers and the bodies are adaptations of the street cars they are named after. If you were talking dirt late models or sprint cars I'd say you are right, but not these Grand National cars. Granted the chassis doesn't matter or have anything to do with the manufacturers, but the bodies and the horsepower are king in NASCAR with the aerodynamics playing such a huge part now.

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Ford stands for Fast on race day, or First on race day!

Now, nobody post anything with the word "repair" or "dead" !

Guess that leaves my old favorite from Williams and Ree the comedians...

Found On Reservation Dump!!!!!! laugh.gifgrin.giflaugh.gifgrin.gif

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