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pro's and con's of the Stren Super Braid fishing line

over the limit

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This year when i was gearing up for the ice fishing season, i came across this new fishing line, (at least new to me)

Stren super braid, it's a 10Lb test line with a .007 Dia,

so what the hay i always am trying new stuff, but at almost $13.00 bucks for 125 YDS i thought this stuff had better be worth it,

so i pay the big bucks and tie up all of my lines with it and now for my thoughts, of the pro's and con's of this new line,

The pro's

1. It has no memory, (It hangs stright all the time)

2. No need to change your line when the old stuff starts to curl up, this stuff lasts for years.

3. Its so light weight that i can feel the littlest nipple on it.

4. I have not had one peace of ice that stuck to the line, it has like a Teflon coating on it.

The Cons,

1. Its tough to tie but once you get used to it its not that bad.

2. It tends to stick a bit on the spool when dropping a line down.

So for my over all thoughts, I like it and will be using this new line year round.

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I used the stren super braid line last year from august to december for walleyes and bass. I loved it bass fishing. Casts well when its warm out. When it got cold in november and december, it froze up easier than mono. I was not able to cast jigs very well. It worked well jigging over the side though, very sensitive. I also don't recommend it for pulling pre-tied lindy rigs with spinners. I got snagged up a couple of times and had difficulty breaking the line. I was able to pull in a 39" flathead with the superbraid on a med/light rod. I also have the power pro 8/2 on one of my ice fishing rods. The durability is great but the freezing up in below freezing temps is not not so great. The 10/.07 diameter line sounds better for casting jigs. Might have to give it a try. Thanks for the info.

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Love the stuff. It's all I use for Bass, Pike and Ski.

It does not wear like the others, in fact, I have 2 year old line on right now. Might flip it over sometime this season.

Great line.

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The hot new intern must have walked by when Overthelimit was typing his post. grin.gif

Arent all the new superlines pretty much the same though, Stren, Fireline, Power Pro, etc.... I dont see much of a difference between them all, but I guess I havent researched it very well

I use Power Pro on my St. Croix ice rod and I like it. It's nice because it wont wear on the edges of the ice.

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