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Boy Scouts at Rush Lake ICE Series!!!

Matt Johnson

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I would just like to take the opportunity to thank Troop 114 for joining us at the Rush Lake ICE Series event this past Saturday. I spent the day fishing with the boys and scout leaders and we had an awesome time! The boys were eager to catch fish right from the start and the day just got better and better. The warm weather allowed the boys to run around outside and check out the action without cold hands and feet.

There was a total of 15 scouts who participated, along with 8 leaders and parents.

Here's some pictures from our day on the ice...







Pike...boy scout style


Time to check out the pike


Group shot!!

The boy scouts got a chance to learn how to use and catch some fish with a MarCum LX-3. They got to watch fish swim around on the underwater camera. They learned what to do when a flag (tip-up) goes off as well as how to rig up a tip-up. They learned how to jig without using a bobber. They got to see a largemouth bass, pike, walleye, perch, crappie and sunfish. And they got to spend a day on the ice without wearing a stocking cap or pair of gloves!

The boys also all went home with some tackle and prizes. Some even went home with the jackpot smile.gif...


So, thanks to Troop 114 and we were happy to have you join us for the 2005 ICE Series!!!

Good Fishin,

Matt Johnson

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A few more pictures...


The scouts landing a pike


The beginning to a good day



Setting up the tip-ups




The scouts crowded around a hole waiting to see whats on the other end of the tip-up line

Good Fishin,

Matt Johnson

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Sounds like the boy scouts had a great time----nice weather (evident with the t-shirts) cool.gif

Great job Matt for helping out those kids. Keep in mind everyone that they are OUR future to this sport! Getting them involved with todays resources- a good fishery, the right technology and willing fish that will bite grin.gif is great to see.

Hats off to you Matt for helping out those kids and those in attendance at Rush Saturday what our site is about!

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Matt: geat photos of the scouts. Now I really wish i could have been there. But the Honey-do-list hit big with a new grand baby born friday. My step-daughter and baby are staying with us, until they new place is ready. Having been a scout leader and former scout, I know the fun the guys had out fish with FMers.

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Judging by the looks on the faces I'd say the day was a success for all involved. Getting a group of kids on the ice is good....getting them into fish is great. Matt....my hats off to you for helping arrange the day for the scouts. Did good!

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I was on Rush Saturday in the same area that the scouts were fishing and I was impressed with the leaders. Hats off to men that are willing to volunteer their time and share their knowledge with boys and girls. Their excitement was refreshing and who could ask for a better day, although I do have to say I think the copter pilot was a little loopy!

The fish were pretty active, and the larger panfish really turned on for me as sunset approached.

I once more proved to myself that tiny plastics / jigs combos are superior to live bait. If you haven't tried jigging small plastics before, you are really missing some fun.

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