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Have been in the metro for a couple of years now and have yet to get the boat on Minnetonka(confident issue). Any advice on what landing to use, where to target bass, etc...This q might be a little early for summer fishing but I would like as much advise as possible b-4 trying this lake. Thanks

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Bass bully- Make sure you head to the lake with a map.. GPS would be nice too.. if you have not been on the lake before, it can be a bit confusing with all the channels and such. I would also suggest that you make a week day trip and not make your maiden voyage on the weekend. Weekends can be nutsw out there.

As for the lake here goes..

Maxwell bay is a great access and its in the middle of the lake. But there are a lot of good access on the lake. If you like to fish clear water and weeds, the east side of the lake is for you. Grays bay all the way over to phelps is pretty darn clear water... However the north west side of the lake is dirty water.. halsteads and jennings, ect.. so if you like to fish the murky water you can have that too...The entire lake is FULL of bass..every bay has good spots and can be considered a mini lake all by themselves. My personal fave bays...



Old Channel



As you can see, I prefer fishing clear water...

best of luck hitting the Minnesota Mecca this summer... let us know how you do!

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Yes I have targeted smallies on Tonka... Anywhere between Browns bay and Wayzetta bay can be good for smallies... Topwater in the morning, then pull off and do carolina rigs in the high sun times... My biggset smallie of my life.. 6lbs 4 oz came from wayzetta bay.. but it was a weedline fish.. about 18 feet deep with a tube jig... I saw a smallies last year crusing the shallows on that end of the lake and made at least 5 casts to it.. never eevnt turned it.. but it was pushing 7 lbs I am sure...

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I have been "learning" Minnetonka for the last six summers, and I started with no knowldege.

I recommend fishing in some of the smaller bays and small lakes. Now I live near the eastern tip of Tonka, so I almost always go in at the large ramp on Highway 101.

I started fishing in Gray's Bay...Libbs Lake...I would run up into Peavy Lake. I suggest doing it this way for two reason: A) you get out of boat traffic and the wind in these smaller areas, and B) you learn the lay of the large lake while finiding the little areas.

By the way, the fishing is fine in these areas.

One other peiece of advice: be patient at the boat landings. I never go fishing on Tonka when I have to be off the Lake at a certain time, because I never know how long it iwll take to get out of the water.

I can think of no better place than to apply the saying, "Be part of the solution, not the problem," than at a ramp on Minnetonka in July on a weekend.

It is a fun lake to learn about.

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Deitz, Randy, thanks for the info. I know how confusing the lake can get just by looking at a map. I've been "studying" for a while now. If anyone needs a fishing partner this summer(my boat or yours) let me know. Would love to get on the lake with someone with a little experience of the lake.

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I thought the same as you about minnetonka, very confusing. My relatives live on the lake and last summer I took about an hour trip through many of the different bays of the lake, even though it was only once around the lake, it really helped me in figuring out how to navigate on the lake. I would suggest doing this, you get a good look at the lake and you can mark some good cover on the way. Im going to try an get out there this summer as well, good luck!

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