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Reflex Excurtion set-up


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Just purchased a 04" model bare bones reflex excurtion bow off hsolist. Can't seem to find a compete package of acc. (sight, quiver, rest, etc. ), Any advice on setting up before I go to the local bow shop to have it set up? Sights, releases, carbon or alum. arrows, overdraw, silencors, any advice will be appeaciated. I'm new to bow hunting, next fall will be my first. Don't want to overspend if I don't have to. Thanks

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You can get fairly decent fiber-optic pin sights from Cobra or TruGlo for around $30-40. Release: many companies produce good quality caliper releases, again around $30-40. Get Carbon arrows over aluminum due to durability, some hunters do prefer aluminum, but you should get more life out of the carbons and the price is close to aluminum. Get set up with a string loop if you will shoot with a release, this will eliminate nock pinch because you will hook the released to the string loop, rather than directly to the bow string. Not familiar with the model of your bow so I can't say whether an overdraw is a good idea or not. If you go with Carbon arrows, they will be lighter, in most cases, than aluminum so they will be faster. An overdraw will move the rest back toward the shooter allowing shorter arrows to be used BUT it also exaggerates any bow torque (torque is caused by trying to catch the bow so it doesn't fly out of your hand). Get a wrist sling which will help you with the subconsious urge to "catch" and allow you to shoot with a relaxed bow hand. I have used cat-whisker silencers for years and they seem to work just as well as any other. Limb Savers, made by SIMS will help quiet your bow down even more.

For rests, the trend lately is "drop away" rests and I would suggest using one of these. The rest supports 3 inches or so of the arrow when you release, and gets it started out right, then it gets out of the way. This helps with torque problems AND eliminates fletch contact because the rest is "gone" by the time the arrow gets that far.

You get what you pay for in most cases but over the last several years, the quality of items has evened out. One word of warning, stay away from thin plastic on any bow components (sights, rest, etc.) Fleet farm has a small selection but the prices are cheap right now so I'd suggest you check there first. Most bow specific stores can get you set up and shooting well.

Gotta warn you, archery and bowhunting are highly addictive.

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