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I have two 2005 Fish Trap Yukons for sale. They're just over two months old and are in great great shape, like new!


One trap comes with the following accessories.

-Travel Cover

-Hyfax runner kit (New in box)

-Travel hitch kit (New in box)

-Fish Trap rope lights

-Vexilar battery

-Trap Link connector

Retail price on the whole system is $640. Will sell for $550.

The second trap has the following, and has a small tear in the door. 2 inches long at most, easily sewn. This unit will not be available to take home until seasons end.

-Hyfax runner kit

-Travel cover

This unit retails for $522 and I will sell for $400.

Both units are located in Bemidji.

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Thanks for the help guys. I called around this afternoon and found one at Gander Mountain in Fargo. Has anybody fished with those lights they sell for the clams??? The kind that are on some sort of string (kinda like Christmas lights). Are they bright enough that you wouldn't need a lantern? How long do they last on a vex battery? They seem like a good idea if they work well. Takes up less room than a lantern.

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The rope lights in the Clam configuration will burn up a Vex type battery in 2 hours or less. The bulk of the effective lighting will be greatly diminished in the first 1.5 hours.

In order to achieve long-term full illumination lighting with the Clam style rope lights you need a larger capacity battery with more amps and storage capacity then a Vex battery. A large deepcycle marine battery or your vehicle batteries will push enough juice (amps) to keep it well lit for a long night trip.

Even with the use of the Clam style rope lighting a good LED headlamp is still a wise move for use in knot tying and such.

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1.5 hours isn't very long. I would rather haul a lantern than the deep cycle battery. ANybody else have any better luck than that.

If you get the LED light strip you would get about 8 hours of light from a Vex battery, they cost 3 time's as much and are worth every penny. grin.gif

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This is a steal for anybody looking to spend that tax return. I have fished out of both of these houses and man they are comfortable and really sweet! cool.gif

Matt takes excellent care of his equipment, so they are just like they are out of the box.

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Oddly enough, today the 2nd house for sale got a new hole thanks to the old sunflower heater. It's about the size of a baseball and can be easily patched. Bottom dollar on the house is now $325.

The other house is, like Woodman said, almost brand new out of the box. This unit comes with all the bells and whistles, some still in the box, and I can't go lower than $500 on it.

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Okay okay, it's time to get these out of here.

Fully loaded Trap with tons of extras. $450

Less loaded Trap. $300

First house is available now! Other will be ready to go the 23rd of this month! These are great deals guys!

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