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Frabill flipover shack


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I just bought a frabill 3 man flip over shack. I was wondering if anybody uses anything to hold the skirt and front of shack down besides snow and ice. I have heard of people putting a chain around the inside of the skirt loop. Any other ideas? Thanks

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I took a pair of the wives old panty hose and put about 4" of sand in, tied a knot, went up about a foot, tied another knot, added more sand, etc. until I was to the top of the pantyhose. Did two of these, always keep them in the flip over. Lay them down onto the skirt when I get out there. Works great when there is no snow, doesn't get too heavy either. I only have the single man sled so you may need 3 or 4 "legs" to have enough. Good Luck.

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A trick I have used for years is adding light chain to the lower skirt channel. On Frabill flip shacks this is an easy process and works super.

Add light chain all the way around the skirt and then tack it every couple of feet with FireLine, PowerPro, or a like superbraid. The Superbraid will not deteriorate as if conventional thread will and will last the life of the shack.

A curved leather needle will make tacking the chain in place a snap.

The big advantage to this skirt system is it will fold with out bunching and you have no rods or other items to remove and reinstall every trip out. Any ice that will form on the shirt will shake loose easily and the best part no more banking is required.

You do not need a log chain now light chain will hold the skirt well and add little overall weight to the portable package.

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