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Backwater Brawl Update - This Saturday Feb 19th:


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OK guys and gals...we are on course for one doozie of a blow-out on the Mississippi River backwaters, affectionately nick-named the "BACKWATERS BRAWL-05". Having had to cancel this once was more a blessing to the numbers of respondants than the first date set and we are looking at some good numbers at that.

Matt Johnson is joining us for the day and I do believe that we might even get Rick out of his house too. Deitz Dittrich is planning on attending. We are hopeful that Hanson can sneak away too. The list just goes on, so I'll stop with this.

We are still looking to meet in the parking area of Pontoon Slough on the dike road between Wabasha, MN and Nelson, WS. It is the second parking lot to the right after coming off the high bridge. I just went over some notes from the last five or six years and if everything stays on track we should have one great time along with plenty of fish. Right about now is when this area starts to see an influx of better crappies. When they begin moving in, they tend to stay too.

Everything is free. No formal competition....yet and I think we'll keep it as such, but if some friendly wagering takes place it will not be deterred. ( I'm already in on one wager for a pop and .50 cents....what can I say, the stakes run high down here.lol)

I plan to bring the smokey Joe and a couple of grilling items for myself and others can feel free to do the same. Over in Nelson there is a Nelson Cheese Factory outlet store that makes some fine eats for a moderate cost. Trust me, if you like a good sub-type sandwich, this is the place.

An issue about bait comes to mind here. For those who come in on Hiway 61 from the north, stop at the Conoco in Lake City (second light, left hand corner) and bait up there. Real decent prices and plenty of minnows. For those who come in from the south on 61, stop at Shorty"s in Kellogg- straight across from the Hiway 47 intersection and down three blocks, then to the right a hundred feet. There is a bait shop in Wabasha, but I have never, in all the years I've stopped, found anyone in it, let alone open , soI recommend the other spots to be on the safe side.

I'm really pumped about this. The amount of response is so much more than I had anticipated. This just has to be a good sign. Details for directions have been gone over in the other posts regarding the Brawl and anyone needing further clarification, by all means ask here. This post will get a sticky to stay at the top of the pile and the other Brawl thread is getting let loose. The Mississippi River 4-11 and Rochester forums have some information about this event too so you may find answers in one or the other as well.

Ok, guys....it's up to you now to make this a blow-out event! Bring it on!

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CrappieTom thinks everyone knows where the pontoon slough is.

Here are a little more detailed directions...

Backwater Brawl 2005 on Feb 19th, 2005. 8am to whenever at the Pontoon slough.

Directions: Take 61 out of RedWing south to Wabasha. While still a two lane, take the first left exit into Wabasha. Go until you have to stop. It will be a three way stop. Take a left there and cross high bridge and continue to second parking area on right.



It's going to be fun and possibly those 14" slabs are biting if not a big 10 lb plus pike or two will be fun.

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So Tommy, 50 cents it is grin.gif (or how about a steak dinner wink.gif)

I'm really looking forward to the Backwater Brawl. Deitz and Tom have worked hard at promoting this event and I think we're going to see some nice crappies pulled through the ice.

I plan on running and gunning in search of those giant papermouths and like Rick mentioned, possibly even a monster pike! Never know what you're going to catch down there!

Good Fishin,

Matt Johnson

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Hey Tom, Buzz here (I met you at the Lakeville gander mtn earlier this week) I heard a rumor that there are some of these things below walking the hills of Wabasha.... Big foot walking.gif

I'm going to see if Beef46 can make it and if I can get a pass for the day... I'll let you know.



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Copme on down! Heck....I'll call in healthy for ya. And yes, this area is sort of depressed economically and genetic washing has taken place in some of the remote areas. We could see a few of those nice hairballs wandering around on that Saturday. lol

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You can count me in Dan, I still have it marked on my calender. I've been Looking forward to this get together. Let’s hope there’s no thunder storms the night before this time. shocked.gif

I believe I’ll have both my boys with me also.

See you all there.

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I'll be there for sure. Got the spousal blessing a couple weeks ago. I just hope my Fish Brothers Tip Ups arrive in time for me to use.


I know there are some small sidebets going on at this affair. If you come down I have a avatar bet for you. Longest fish wins. You win I will put a pro-viking avatar under my username through March 19th. I win, you put up a pro-packer avatar up under your username through March 19th. Let me know.


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I'm 50/50 on this weekend... my wife is due (again) on March 2nd and she doesn't like me stra confused.gifying too far from the nest these days. (understandable) but I'd really like to make the road trip down and pick the minds of people like Crappie Tom and Matt Johnson! grin.gif

It was good meeting both of you at Gander Mtn - Lakeville last week!

Down to earth.... that bet scares me but I always like a challenge so If I can make it we'll do that bet! I'll let everybody know by this Thursday.


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Definitely going to be in attendence. Just a couple of questions that I haven't found answered in any of the other threads:

-bait recommendations. Crappie minnows, waxies, Eurolarvae or maybe bigger minnows since these may be larger fish.

-are we going to be able to drive on the ice (I don't have an ATV or snowmobile). Understand that this is river backwaters and safe driving is variable so I'll let the experts lead on that.

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Thanks for the feedback. I may throw out a tipup but I really want to focus on the slabs.

This may be the maiden voyage of the portable--we'll see how far the walk is. Wouldn't hurt to get it organized as if I'll be pulling it out and then if we can drive so be it.

If Tom responds with minnows then I'll grab a scoop and a few suckers for the tipups since they last in the smaller container much better than the big shiners.

Wish I could make your presentation at Gander tomorrow night but have family commitments--I'll take a private lesson on Saturday instead!

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