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March 19th "Meet FMers" Who's in?


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Just wondering who would like to go to a late ice Meet FMers Event on a border lake like LOW or Rainy Lake in March where we can still fish for walleye pike as well as panfish?

Who would like to be in on this?

[added 2/10/05 at 10:20pm]

For those of you looking for a good time, here's the basic informal plan:

We have a motel lined up in International Falls. It's the Rambler Motel (click here for more info) A few of us will check in Thursday night to fish Friday on Rainy Lake

They have a large back parking lot that they would be willing to let us set up a grill and chairs or whatever we need for a get together. If we do not feel like cooking there is a restaurant just down the street.

We will then Fish Rainy Lake on Saturday and LOW on Sunday at Morris Point(leaving I Falls atb 6am) with all the FMers that can make it.

The Rambler Motel has agreed to give FishingMinnesota members the following prices as long as they have rooms available:

Single Room : $30.00/night

Double 40.00/night

Triple 50.00/night

Prices are for the rooms not per person.

It is a great time to catch some larger pike and eyes so we could go fish Rainy Lake, come back and clean the fish that were kept for a meal. Jeff Beckwith has a couple of fryers and would be willing to fry the fish up there if this is something that is desired. Maybe make it a pot luck dinner thing for the rest of the meal.

Here's the agenda in short form:

1. Thursday 3/17 - Check in at the Rambler Motel

2. Friday 3/18 - Go out and Fish Rainy Lake and do a little scouting for those coming up Friday evening/Saturday Morning.

3. Saturday 3/19 - FMers go out and fish Rainy Lake. Fish Fry that evening or Restaurant, your choice.

4. Sunday 3/20 Leave Rambler at 5am to Long Point on Lake of the Woods. Fish there with any FMers who want to.

5. Sunday 3/20 possibly leave LOW for Upper Red Lake early afternoon to get after those crappies.

This is intended to just be informal and fun as well as getting a bunch of us together to share tactics, maybe spreading out to find fish and then trying to get all those there on fish.

We can likely get some special deals for lodging/motel rooms for some.

What do you think? Would you be up for it?

Who's In

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Depends on price. I'm supposed to be in Manitoba fishing in Buffalo Bay on LOW the third weekend of March with a group. But who knows if I'll be able to afford it. Personally, I'd rather stay stateside.

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