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Preferred line for Slip bobbers


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I currently am using mono for my slipp bobbers. I have tried fireline and had nothing but problems with it tangling around the bobber. Most of my bobber fishing is at night, so tangles are absolutly out of the question. I use 6 or 8 pound XL for most applications and have had good success staying tangle free.

Is it spring yet? smirk.gif


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To me, when slip bobbering. The rod is the most important factor. You want to have a ML action rod in at least 7'6", this year St Croix has come out with a ML 8' telescoping spinning rod just for slip bobbering. You want that forgiveness to take up the slack before the hookset.

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I like mono in the 6lb variety. I like to go with a highly visable color to see where the line is after it has been sitting on the water, then you know how much slack to take up. Run this main line to a swivel and then a small flurocarbon dropper to you hook or jig. Nothing beats looking out and not seeing your bobber.

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For me, depends how the fish are biting. Usually Berkley 6# xl. If the fish are being finiky or if I'm in really clear water, I'll go to 4# xl. I found it can really make a difference. Have to be really careful when landing fish though.

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last summer I compaired several types of 6lb lines (every kind gander moutain had.)

I hate all types of braided lines because of the constant tangling around my pole, bobber or anything else it can.

Sometimes (night fishing) it seems to take me an hour to fix mu linw and get the braided line back thru my 10" lighted bobber.

With braided line I need to use 2 bobber stop knots just to keep my debth setting from changing after every cast....I used to love braided ,now I hate it!! anyway, grin.gif

I only fish at night.(catfish,walleye),

I have prolblems seeing my line when using vanish, or Mono. cool.gifgrin.gif

Ive lost too many lighted bobbers from line breaking off casting or just being snaged

It drove me crazy! my new lighed bobber bright all night in the tree right on other side. mad.gif

Ive had vanish break off when casting (somehow) confused.gif

That night I watched my lighted bobber doing laps, then Bye..bye

my 10" bobber "vanished"


The best 6lb line Ive found is Berkly "Iron Silk" in "Solar Mint" color.

Iron silk is very tough and will easly break small branch's . When casting its by far the smoothest line that casted .

If it tangles up, its easy to Fix because it seems not wrap tightly around other things and its easy to see .

when Using Iron Silk ,hold the end of thr line and pull shocked.gif

Now that portion will have lost its memory and woll remain strait and will go through a 10" slip bobber with ease smirk.gif

I sometimes tie a 4lb leader of P-line when walleyes are shallow and the water is clear.

Now If I get snaged the weaker 4lb breaks off and I wont loose my lighted bobber ever again.

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