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Marcum = no more noise

Ryan Berger


I was on my way to Red this weekend with 9 other guys, and we decided to stop by sportsmans. One of the guys I was with picked up a FL-8 an was gonna buy it for around $299. and I told him to buy me the Marcum LX3 and I would give him 100 and my FL-18. It turns out they were out of LX-3's so I get the number to Gander from the service desk and call over there.. They had one left, I had them hold it, drove over there and grabbed it. Gander Mountain had the LX-3 for $349. So I ended up giving him $50 and my FL 18. We got to fishing the next day and I was dumbfounded why the unit was so quiet compared to my Vex... I decided that I love the newfound silence... and better target seperation,, and push button zoom,, and digital battery meeter,, and softcase,, One of the guys I was with said I might not like the LX3 better when we get to a soft bottom lake,, but I will decide that later,, all I know was that I caught a lot of fish and over 9/10 were out of the hole I was jigging with the LX3 in,,, long story huh???

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I have an LX-3 and really like everything about it except the reliability of the transducer. I was on the second day of a four-day trip into Canada and my transducer failed.

Fortunately I had a backup FL-8 (talk about a huge step backward in technology, my FL-8 is about 20 yrs old crazy.gif) that I could use the rest of the weekend.

Their service department has been excellent to work with and a replacement transducer is on the way. smile.gif

I would suggest to anyone buying an LX-3 to get a spare transducer until they come up with a more reliable one.

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