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Inventory-lets hear what ya got

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Ok I like to see what others are running for duck/goose spreads. I'll start out.

5 dozen Hardcore FB's

7 dozen GHG FB's---grrr

16 BigFoots

2 dozen outlaw sillo's

3 dozen Enticer FB mallards

10 doz mallard floaters (mixed brands)

6 super lucky ducks w/remotes

Avery finishers, power hunters

FA Eliminator Pro-guides and Top guns

Haul everything in a 6x10 enclosed trailer

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JPSD,holycow no wonder I couldn't find any of those decoys in the stores!!! Seriously, nice batch of decoys you've got.

3 doz. bills 6 super large canadas (shells)

2 doz. mallards 1 doz canada floaters

2 coot access to 400 texas rags- Snows-

1 hen mojo mallard

3 doz G&H honkers (field shells)

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You guys all have a lot more than I do & I actually have a lot more than most of my friends that duck hunt. I don't use half of these most seasons, too much bow hunting.

2 dozen mallard floaters (a few sleepers & a couple butts)

1 flying mallard drake

1 dozen woodies

3-4 teal

1 dozen bluebills- about half magnums

2 coots

1 redhead

4 Canada floaters

1 Canada butt

1 dozen shells

1 dozen sillouettes

1 decoy chair/blind

1 doe decoy

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Oh great, another bragging board!! grin.gif

Here's what I have-

1 Flambeu Super Mag Goose (use it for my goose chair)

4 Doz Flambeu Grand Mags

1 Doz G&H standards

3 Doz Flambeu Goose floaters

14 doz Mallard decoys of mixed sizes and brands

1 doz Pintails

2 doz Wood Ducks

1 doz Blue Wing Teal

10 doz Bluebills of mixed brands, mostly Carrylites

2 doz other divers of mixed brands and species

1 kit-made robo using a G&H Mallard field deke.

Can't wait to see what my two good friends Duck-O-Holic and Bemduckboy post grin.gif We've done the "Mother Spread" before...it is a sight to see...LOL

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I have way less decoys and use alot smaller spreads for Mallards and Honkers. Here is what I have.

4 dz bluebill

2 dz redheads

1 dz buffaloheads

2 dz Gh mallard

2 doz carrylite mallard

1 dz mallard butts

4 wd ducks

4 widgeon's

2 dz supermagnum GH canada shells

1 dz canada Outlaws

1 dz northwind canadas

4 canada wing magnets

1 dz canada floaters

6 goose butts

Final approach blinds and goose chairs

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HOLY COW!!!!!!!

You guys obviously hunt in places with a LOT more water than anywhere I get to hunt. If you tried putting 14 dozen mallard decoys on any of the sloughs around here, you'd have to stack them two or three high!

I have 2 doz mallards (that includes some sleepers and feeders) and often don't use them all at once.

4 teal

5 honker floaters

2 dozen honker shells for field hunting.

AND one spinner that if I ever get up to my dad's shop I'm going to dig out so I can sell to Rost...

Seriously, unless you are field hunting, you couldn't possibly use that many decoys in the small areas we have to hunt around here...

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LOL...yea, I hunt out of a 16' with a 35hp if that gives you any idea. There is no way I could get both my diver and puddler spreads into the boat, unless I stacked it full and stood up while I drove..lol..It helps to have a ridgid blind as well, able to stack em in tighter.

When hunting smaller water, I never use more than 4 dozen, and even 1 dozen if I'm using my "sneak boat" that I made out of an old sail boat hull. Lays flat and hides nicely in the rice grin.gif

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Not trying to be a smart a$$ here, but seriously, how long does it take you fellas to put out that huge of a spread??

It takes me forever to wallow through thigh deep muck to put out one dozen decoys. If I had to put out a huge spread shooting hours would be over before I ever got my decoys out.

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Well, to get the spread layed out correctly and making sure there are none wrapped together, I can do it myself in about 45 min, with help, 30. Picking up is a little quicker, anywhere from 20-30 minutes.

Now the "Mother Spread" is a competely different story....

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I will also add this is my inventory not what I usally set out on a regular hunt.I am also fortunate to have a leased slough of around 100 acres or so to hunt on.

For a normal water mallard hunt I usally set around 2 dz mallard floaters 2 wd ducks and a dz duck butts. Off to the side I set a good group of canada floater mix.

For divers I hunt big water late in the year. I run a 16 ft boat with a 40 hp mtr. I hunt divers with a few friends and we usally combine decoys. We have set J-hooks in excess of 100 plus decoys. Setting go's fast we usally have them gang hooked on strings. This allows us to set numbers quick!!!

On a normal field goose hunt I usally will set only around 4 dz field mix sometimes less. For a water set I set about 1-2 dz floaters. I feel the key in shooting geese is scouting. You can put a bunch of birds down with a minimal set if you are where they want to be, or have been before.

Scouting!!!Scouting!! The key to a good waterfowl hunt.

I will strongly comment on by no means should a hunter be judged on what he has for equipment. I have hunted with guys who have alot of gear but lack the knowledge on how to hunt waterfowl. On the other hand some of the best waterfowlers I have met and hunted with had a minimal amount of gear but were experts to the game of waterfowling. I have been adding and subtracting decoys to my spread since I was a kid. For me waterfowling is a art, I get just as much of a kick setting decoys and looking at them as I do shooting birds.

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We don't do much water hunting anymore, as far as ducks go. Also rarely hunt geese on water, honkers that is. I prefer to not have to wade through the mud, get all wet, trash all of the equipment with mud and water, lol..ok I don't mind at all smile.gif Hunting fields for ducks to me gives you closer, more "in your face" shots. Also the sheer number of birds makes it worth while. We use up to 10 spinners in a field and you can really draw them in close with those. With spinners you can also "traffic" birds that never intended you use your field in the first place. We typically use 1-3 doz. canada full bodies and 2-3 dozen enticer full body mallards. That combination with spinners is deadly with most shots called at 5-15 yards on groups as small as 30 birds or groups as large as 2,000.

For early honkers I typically use about 50-70 hardcores or GHG full-bodies. Later in the season we use about the same unless we are hunting out west, in which case it becomes a numbers game. This January we ran anywhere from 400-500 full body Hardcores and Averys. Also mixed in 120 Avery shells with sleeper heads if any snow was presant. That combination lets you traffic a lot of birds as well as work some very large groups, sometimes over 100 birds.

If we do water hunt we don't use any spinners, I believe it spooks them when they start to work into range. We use anywhere from 2-5 dozen mallards on small potholes and sometimes more on bigger lakes. Some of my best water shoots have been over a dozen mallard floaters. If we are hunting Honkers on water we use mostly bigfoot floaters and hardcores on shore.

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ok my list is going to be pretty lame against some of the previous but as stated in some of the previous...i cant fit a lot of decoys on most of the water i hunt also!

1 dozen avery magnum goose shells flocked heads

2 dozen g & h magnumg goose shells

1 dozen goose windsocks w/heads

18 flambeau standard goose shells

6 bigfoots

2 dozen flambeau mag mallard floaters

1 dozen flambeau standard mallard floaters...(pretty old)

4 flambeau goose floaters

4 flambeau greenwing teal floaters....(absolutey love these for early season hunts)

8 bluebill floaters...(free from uncle...dont really ever use them)

two decoy bags...(so obviously i cant use all the decoys at once)

otter sled

two goose flags

4) 4ft x 7ft pieces of mossy oak shadow grass burlap for blinds...(still waiting for the girlfriend to buy me an expensive layout blind)

a couple different duck calls...the best one i have is from the MWA "woodie camp" got it when i was 14...still works and sounds awesome and it won me the camp calling contest


not to meantion the bibs, coats, hats, gloves, bags, bandoliers, lanyards, and all the other must haves

by far and away the best waterfowl specific piece of equipment i have ever invested in is the Winchester SuperX2. i love that gun!!!!!!!!

ok so my list is pretty long...man i cant believe i spend all that on a hobby!!!!

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I do mostly water hunting in in northwest iowa so here it goes

3 dozen mallards a couple butts

2 dozen woodie

2 dozen greenwing teal

1 dozen bluebills

1 dozen ringbills

3 dozen goose floaters and three butts

they spent more time in the bag this year most only used on or two dozen with 6 or 7 goose floaters

first year in minnesota this fall looking forward to minnesota ducks

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7 dozen Avery FB's

18 Hardcores

3 Flagman T-Flags

2 dz GHG Mallards

5 dz Misc Mallards Custom Painted

1/2 dz GHG Pintails

1/2 dz GHG Wigeon

1/2 dz Custom Painted Wood Ducks

1 dz GHG Canada Floaters

2 dz Flambeu Canada Floaters

3 Avery Finisher Blinds

1 Avery Migrator Blind

All packed into a 7x16 Enclosed Trailer

Also have 5 dz GHG Canada shells, 10 dz GHG fullbodies, and 1 or 2 dozen Fully Flocked GHG Fullbodies coming in Aug.

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Hey guys,

Wow i wish i had as many deeks as you guys! Being a 16 year old with no money stinks. But heres what i do have:

1 doz mallards (carrylite)

2 doz bluebills (flambeau)

6 woodies (flambeau)

4 aqua suck geese (carrylite)

3 weighted keel geese (carrylite)

1 butt goose

2 butt ducks

6 ghg fullbodies

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