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Free German Wirehair Pointer To Good Home

Fisher Dave

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Some of you will recognize this same dog from about a year ago. There was a big debate over this same situation with this particular dog. I am not looking for a debate, nor will I partake in one. This is a good dog in need of a new home. We adopted this dog from another FM'er(Spinach) about a year ago after it got in a tangle with a neighbors dog and the owner got inbetween them and got nabbed. We are in the middle of a move, and we can no longer keep him

This is a purebred german wirehair, he does not have papers. He was purchased as a pup from the Humane society(or similar organization) at 8 weeks old. The breeders cannot be tracked to obtain info for papers. This dog was given to the organization due to the yellow eyes(not preferred I guess). I have had this dog in the field. He is not a champion by any means, but he does have a good nose and does point... whether its a grouse or a rabbit. He knows basic commands like come, sit, and stay. He is well housebroken and neutered. He has had his shots.

This is a very friendly and playful 2 year old dog. He has been good with older kids(8 years+) and has never harmed our child which who was turning 3 when we got him. This doesnt mean we entirely trust him with our son unsupervised, we dont.

Here's the fine print.... *Jack* on occasion does not like a person. He is very capable of nabbing(not a ferocious attack) someone he doesnt know if he doesnt like them, or think they are a threat. It is VERY RARE, but it has happened. He does not nab at anyone coming in the door by any means, but he is a very protective dog. This is very common in this breed of dog if you read up on them at the AKC or other sources of dog info. He is fine with anyone once he knows them, and it usually takes about 5 minutes to decide any person is his new best friend.

This would not be a good dog for anyone to adopt with young children, nor will I knowingly let that happen. I dont worry about him harming a child he lives with, HOWEVER, I worry more about a childs friends... Jack will protect.. Last thing I want to hear is that someone got bit because their kid was wrestling with a friend.

I have been honest in this post. He is a very friendly dog, but he is also protectful. This would make a great dog for someone, or couple looking for a great home companion, and a partner in the field.

He needs a good home fast. Please post here and/or email me at fisherdave_(at)hotmail(dot)com

Please remember all ... this is not a debate, and this dog sure isnt Cujo, he just does a good job of protecting his owners. I am happy to answer questions to anyone interested in taking, or helping find a good home for Jack. The dog is currently in the metro with me, but can be seen in the Duluth, Rapids, Hibbing area(near my home) in a few days if I cant find an owner around the Metro. I will travel some to find a home for him.


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