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freezer in garage ??



I didn't know where else to ask this question, but can I run my stand up freezer in my garage during the winter months?? I know this has nothing to do with fishing equipment, other than storage smile.gif

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I keep a HUGE commercial freezer in my garage now. Found one this summer, it is a serious unit Eh.

In the past I have had different models of old freezers in garages and have had no problems.

One thing to watch for is mice.

Mice like the warm area near the freezer and refrigerator compressor and often build a nest there. This can be a fire hazard so clean them out if you see one.

Check for nests and place a pet safe trap or poison near the compressor to get rid of them pesky winter campers.

Generally in the winter freezers run less out in the garage if your not heating the shop that is. I think this saves a bit of cash on electric bills over time too?

I find it handy for game and baits so I always have one in the garage or shop.

PS. The commercial restaurant freezer I found this summer has a refrigerator unit on one side, a freezer on the other. And get this...taps on top with a chiller coil. It also has a long tank on top I converted into a bait tank. The price......$40

Not bad Eh wink.gif Works like new too. But man it is a heavy stainless steel monster...UF-Da! Fun to move....Right Shanon...LOL!!!

Ed Carlson

Backwater Guiding

"ED on the RED"


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I know a lot of people who keep freezers in their garage with no problems, but I've burned out a compressor. I was told the compressor is lubricated with oil that gets thick in the cold just like in a car engine which strains the compressor.
The advice from the repair people was to buy a electical heating tape to wrap around the compressor and keep it plugged in during cold weather. There are heating tapes made specifically for this.
As for the potential for mice - that's another issue - spread a few mothballs??

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We kept a Sears upright in the garage last winter without any problem. I, too, was concerned because it had always been kept inside. My wife's sisters also have had freezers in their garages for many years without problems.

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