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'96 Polaris XCR Clutch / belt question


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I've got a 96 Polaris XCR, that when you let off the gas when you're coming to a stop, but without applying the brake, the belt squeals like mad.

Took it to the shop last year and they said they fixed it for $20, but it still does it.

Doesn't bother me that much this year since I've gotten to ride all of 5 miles into town and back, but .....

What's the problem, just a clutch adjustment??



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Hi Jeremy, you might want to check your belt #'s and make sure it's correct for the sled. Next thing to check is where the belt tensioner ring is set on. Polaris has an adjustable belt tensioner on the secondary clutch, held in place with 3 fine threaded bolts, 10mm or 3/8" hex head. There's a notch on the lip of the adjusting ring and numbers(1 thru 5) cast onto the secondary clutch. Check to see where it's set now, and adjust accordingly. It's probably set too tight, meaning it's now set at possibly 1 or 2, and if you have a new belt in place, you may want to set it at a higher number until the belt breaks-in, usually within 75 miles of MODERATE riding! I experienced the same problem, and it helped to lessen the tension on the drive belt by setting the notch at a higher number until I put about 100 miles on the new belt! Good-luck and post your results!!

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