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Special care for a Nils Master


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I recently ordered a Nils Master from Tackly City and when it arrives is there anything special I should do to make it run better out of the box? Certain octain gas? Different oils? Any information would be great. Thanks, Jeff

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Got Ice Im running 100-1 Amsoil in mine. I started out a bit ritcher and have now gotten down to the 100-1 mix. Its been about 100 holes or so now. I found that if I keep the choke on the off position (left) and pull it 3 times it usually fires up. If not I half choke it and she will fire up in 1 or 2 more. once running go to full choke. (far right)It took me a while to figure this out. I then let it warm up for about 30-60 seconds and give it some throttle making sure my blades arent rubbing on anything, they are SHARP as my new bibs can attest to, then Im set to rock. Light, fast and a breeze to use. No more torking of the arms. Its nice to not have to fight a auger at all when drilling holes and when your drilling a lot of holes the Nils sure makes it easy on the back and arms.

Im running regular unleaded gas in mine and its fine. A good warm up is best with this small motor for some reason. After your 1st hole she really gets hummin and its like a hot knife threw butter as they say. No need to push down at all just let the blades suck the auger down the hole. Good luck with your Nils.

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