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Rigging suckers


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I have just started going for Northerns through the ice and I was wondering how people are rigging sucker minnows? what is the best way to fish this type of bait. Any info would greatly be appreciated as I am not very knowledgeable in this area. What size hooks and what shape hook?

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I too am of the opinion that a Quick Strike rig is a must. I use them with dead bait and with suckers.

In the simplest terms, a QS is a steel leader w/ 2 treble hooks on it. Yeah, you need a little spinner for it to be MN legal too.

Hook the one treble just ahead of the dorsal fin and the other just in front of the tail of the sucker. I usually put a small egg sinker up the line to give the sucker a little resistance. It helps keep him where I want him.

If you don't go the Quik Strike rig route, I'd recommend a circle hook.

Both of these methods will provide a good hook up with the fish and the Pike should be easily releasable.

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Yep. You can do it yourself or you can buy them.

They are typically next to the tip-ups at Gander, Fleet Farm or pretty much anywhere. The ones you will find in the store are typically made by HT Enterprises. They are available with different sized treble hooks also. They should say Quick Strike Rig on the package.

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A company called Baitrigs makes some pretty good quick-strike rigs. I like the hook system they employ: small hook into the back of the fish; larger hook pointing up-2 hooks/adjustable. Google baitrigs and you should find them.

As hanson mentioned, HT Enterprises makes almost adequate qs-rigs. But, as hanson and I have both experienced frown.gif, they neglected to permanently attach the front treble on these units. The front treble is only held on by surgical tubing, and the leader does not run throught the eye of the hook. This is a major oversight, and can be remedied by making sure to tie the front treble to the leader with some type of strong line.

You most definitely can(both hanson and I have)lose fish on this rig.

One final note: I like to hook the rig so the hooks are facing back to the tail of the minnow. Most fish like to take their prey head first (or so I've been told), and so this will help in hooking percentage. It's worked well for me anyhow.

Good luck!

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