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Next step in learning process?


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I have a yellow lab that will be turning 1 yr Feb 16th.

To this point we have mastered the basics and some extras. He has been duck hunting 4 times and pheasant hunting 3 times once at a game farm.

His retrieve is great.

His sitting/staying is great.

He is starting to listen to me more when doing a retrieve. Example is he will be off course and I will stop him and point in the direction the bird is and for the most part he follows.

I would like him to be more of a "Hunter" while pheasant hunting. for example searching with his nose more than just running and hitting the breaks when something grabs his attention.

I also would like for him to hunt better with other dogs, will this come with age? I assume the playfulness will go away as he learns he there for a reason and playing is not it.

I am pleased with his preformance to this point but would like him to become better. What are my next steps other than keeping him on birds?


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I would say that your dog will "get it" very soon. This last season he was only 8-10 months old correct? If he did any hunting at all I would say you are on the right track. Most dogs don't really fully mature until thier 3rd or 4th season, and sometimes later. As far as hunting with other dogs, just keep getting him out there, and expose him to as many new exeperiences and other dogs as possible. Once the dogs priorities change from playing to hunting you will have very few problems. I do a lot of judging for pointing trials and always have the best time judging the puppies, half the time they are just running around chasing each other, barking and carrying on...once in a while you will find a dog that just gets it right away but this is the exception not the norm. I would say you and your partner are on the right track for many many happy times afield. Good luck with your training and don't forget to be patient, you will get there. cool.gif

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