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Problems with my auger


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I'm having a problem with my Strikemaster 10 inch auger. When I'm drilling a hole, the shaft quits turning and I have to pull it up and gun it and start drilling again. It takes about three times doing this until I can punch a hole!

I took it to Strikemaster today and they adjusted the rpms, but when I tested it, it still gave me problems. I'll be going back to their shop tommorrow to see if there is anything they can do. This has been going on since I bought it ten years ago! I've only drilled maybe 30-40 holes the whole time I've had it, its a good thing my friends have good augers! I'm wondering if anyone else has had this problem? Thanks. mad.gif

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Strikemaster will get it figured out, they have great customer service. Sometimes a bent shaft can cause this, as can dull blades, bad blades, RPM's, etc.. etc...

There was the same problem with the new 224 10" this season, and it turned out it was bad blade assembly. They recalled 'em and got the new ones out.

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I'm no gearhead, but...

I purchased a used Mag2000 this year and was having(maybe kinda) the same problem you are. Does the engine bog at all while you are augering?

My engine kept revving and then bogging, slowing the cut, so I had to keep pulling the unit up and resetting it into the hole again.

A simple opening of the gas tank cap and reclosing it was all it took to solve the problem(I could've used the release vent too). It turns out there was a vacuum in being created due to the excellent seal on the gas tank, therefore, no gas was getting to the engine. User error here.

If your symptoms sound like mine, maybe that is your problem.

Good luck

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Maybe the clutch is bad? Maybe it's slipping under to much torque?

Mine started doing the same thing recently, but I have cut hundreds of holes. The recoil bound up tight the other night, on the second pull.

I took it apart right down to the shaft, thinking something was jammed up in the rewind, or under the flywheel..nothing under there except a half round locking key!

I got the thing back together, took it out to the lake for a test run, thinking it may have been that the key somehow got out of whack, that was'nt it.

It runs and cuts, but not like it should and it stops during the cut, that and the auger keeps turning when it is'nt under a load.

I called my "go to" small engine guy and he said he thought it was in the cluch mechanism...bringing it up to him today.

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I took it back up to Strikemaster today, and they put it on their torque tester, and it worked fine! But, when I asked if they fixed the pin-hole leak in the seam in the gas tank, opps, they forgot. They put a different tank on, no charge.That alone may make a difference, I guess I'll find out this week-end up on Red. I can't say a bad thing about the people at Strikemaster, they were very helpfull and were willing to look at it while I waited, good service! smile.gif

If i have any problems, my buddy will have his along too. And yes, I bought an extension!!

Thanks for the suggestions guys, this site is great!

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