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2005 Rock Creek JDRF Tourney Results

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Welp, what a day. Fished the JDRF tourney out at Rock Creek today with my partner for this tourney last year from another site, Griff (actually he was kind enough to let me be his partner). After figuring some things out prefishing yesterday, we thought we had a good chance.

Got on fish right away after the 8am kickoff. We were limited withing the first 45min and began the sorting game. Eventually upgraded our white crappies to all blacks with a couple of decent ones mixed in. Nailed the gills with some good 9" fish there as well. Griff managed his first cat through the ice....a long 8 1/2lb fish!! I also had a first...a shad through the ice (Griff got one as well). The fish just hammered us most of the day and we caught over 100 easily between the two of us.

Went to weigh in at 11:30 (noon weigh time) and sorted out what we felt to be our best 15fish to weigh. At weigh, we were earlier than most and took an early lead with a bucket of over 6lbs of fish.

Took a while to get standings up, but they finally did it and saw we took second with 6.60lb of fish....the winning team had 6.68lb...a mere .08 of a pound more than us (I knew we should have fed those things a few more waxies Griff!).

All in all it was a great time....got to talk to some guys from the site (I will let them post on how they did) and it was a beautiful day.

Just thought I would share.


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