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vexilar fl 8 suppreser cable


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Ditto protrapper. I use it for very shallow, very stained water. It does help.

In 10 - 20 feet, use 20 foot increment side turn down the gain and press your IR button a few times to eliminate interference. Any EM signal/wave can cause interference. Turn off the phone, radio, TV, etc.


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The Vexilar S-Cable is beneficial in shallow water situations and in hi-clutter environments. At night when the tiny critters pop out of the mud and clutter up the screen it can be a big help, even in deeper water. You will gain more field of adjustment to the upper and lower gain. Just crank it up higher for deeper water use. For ice fishing, just set the gain high enough to see your bait in green.

The S-Cable is also very helpful on open water when fishing rivers or lakes with a high alga bloom. Again, you get the option to fine-tune the gain to make the best out of the clutter Mother Nature has put in the water.

As far as using the S-Cable to reduce electronic interference the S-Cable will have little beneficial effect, if any. The IR feature is the best defense for that.

Alternatively, if you do not have an IR on your Vexilar FL-8 try adjusting the depth of the ducer in the hole, this may help reduce electrical cross interference generated in close proximity.

A side tip is periodically clean the surface of your puck/ducer to eliminate bubbles or tiny micro-critters that have found a new home. These tiny elements can clutter up your return signal. Just wipe it with a clean soft cloth and your set to go.

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