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In search of those jumbo perch


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I would love to go fishing, and catch, some jumbo perch. I have never caught one. I was close once. I found a lake that we caught 9.5-10.5 inchers on, but they were not jumbos. I know I can go and get them on Mille Lacs, but I live in the metro and that's a weekend trip---not too easy to pull off if your me. I have lived here for five years and fished for all of them, and I know there has to be some jumbos closer then Mille Lacs. If not, let me know.

If anyone would want to join up to fish for these jumbos, let me know. I have two portable ice houses, a power auger, heaters, many rods, vexilar, etc. Everything but an underwater camera. Drop me an email at [email protected]

or just reply to this post.

Good luck this weekend! wink.gif

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I dont know of really any lakes in the metro that can produce jumbos like the big lakes to the north. Sure you may get a few, mostly I would bet they would be little 4-5" fish.

I have caught a few decent perch from Bald Eagle and White Bear but even then it was probably a 100 to 1, runt to keeper ratio.

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i was wondering ; is there any good books out about perch fishing ? a little lake near me has good perch numbers, and we do catch a few at times , but looking for more info to try to improve my numbers. thanks del

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