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Noticeable Area Differences....

Matt Breuer

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Throghout the season I have noticed numerous differences in where the fish are located in the lakes South of here compared to where they are in my neck of the woods. They are also relating to different structure and sources of food.

In the beginning of the season I heard many people catching most of their bluegills and crappies in less than 20' of water, whereas I was catching the majority of my fish in water deeper than 20'.

The difference between Mid-Southern lakes opposed to those of the Northern 1/3rd of the state are incredible. Here are a few I have really noticed this year.

While we were nailing 'gills in 24-27' suspended, people in the Metro were drilling them in 17'. Same with the crappies, early season I hit the mainlake basins targeting 30+ feet, while people South were hitting them in shallow.

Now the crappies are deeper in the Metro, while they're moving shallower up here.

Now that the panfish transition is upon us I'm finding much fewer crappies relating to the deep stuff, and more and more moving onto the shallower flats near breaklines. This is also when I start chasing 'gills in shallower water. 15-17 feet is where I find my best panfish action for the next three weeks, until it's time for late ice shallow water action.

Just an observation I had, and I thought I'd throw out there!

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Interesting Matt, from what I've seen this year your right on. Here are a couple from today in the Metro in 35'.

Randi with a Crappie.


Dani with a Crappie


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A quick question for ya Matt, many of the lakes down here have milfoil and that is a safehouse for fish along with offering them cover, oxygen, and food. The lakes you are fishing, do they have milfoil? Just a little thought.

Brian, great pictures! Looks like they are having a blast! Keep up the good work. grin.gif

Corey Bechtold

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BDR, those pics are awesome! What a cute little bugger! You are one of the few who really got to notcie the difference as well, catching 'gills one day in the Metro in 12' and the next up here in 27'.

Iceman, that is indeed a smallie.

Corey, good point, milfoil is defintely lacking in our lakes (good thing), but we do have good weed sources. The lakes with very strong weeds are a seperate crew from the others, and they closely resemble the fishing near you. Maybe you hit it on the nose!

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BDR & Matt,

BDR, those are some nice fish! Even better, the kid holding them grin.gif Great job getting the youngsters out! I've been taking my youngen out too. She's an eleven week old black lab.

Matt, my theories must be true. I posted a question for you in the "metro lakes and rivers". I think our lack of snow in the cities explains it all. The temps. play a role too, I'm sure. What was it, -20 up in your neck of the woods this morning? I've been getting fish deeper finally, but that is all about to change. I have a lake that I am fishing very soon. If I email it to you, could you help me out on where to start my searching?

Matt, I sent you an email. FYI

Thanks! smile.gif

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