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Metro LETS 2005 Application and Information

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2005 Schedule:

All events will run from 6 a.m. – Noon**

  • Kick-off Meeting (early-mid May)
  • Medicine - Saturday, June 4th (Public Landing)
  • N/S Center - Saturday, June 25th (Park on South Center)
  • Clearwater - Saturday, July 16th (B.J.'s Resort)
  • Mystery Lake - Saturday, August 13th* (TBD)
  • Minnetonka - Saturday, September 10th** (Maxwell Bay)

* Mystery Lake will be drawn on Friday evening before the event by someone not affiliated with LETS (this will be within the Metro area - more info. will be available at a later date)

** Lake Minnetonka will run 6:30 a.m. – Noon (due to later sunrise)

Tournament Format

  • Multi-species Tournament Format
  • Eligible species include Walleye, Bass (smallmouth and largemouth), and Pike
  • Limits per team are 6 Walleye, 6 Bass, 3 Pike
  • All events will run from 6 a.m. - Noon (except Tonka which will be 6:30 a.m. - Noon)
  • Minimum size requirements

    - 14" Walleye

    - 12" Bass

    - 20" Northern Pike

  • Teams must register (2) team members with LETS memberships. You are allowed to sub with non-members as long as one LETS member is present from the team at the events.

League Fees

$25 per member required LETS Membership

- LETS hat included in membership

- personalized with name for those in by April 15th

$250 per year League Fees (5 events)

- 100% payout

$300 Total per team

Payout (based on 15 team league)

Per event:

1st - $300

2nd - $200

3rd - $100

4th - $50

BigFish - $50

End of Year - Overall Standings:

1st: $125

2nd: $75

3rd: $50

2005 Application

Contact Rob for the updated registration form ([email protected])

More information can be found at:


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I look forward to spending some time on the water here soon. I went fishing on the river last week just so I could cast some lures instead of just dropping a jig down a hole. It is a fun time. A good way to learn some new fishing techniques from some good fishermen.


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That's really our focus by joining the series. Having some fun, meeting new people, learning some new things and hopefully being somewhat competitive.

Looking forward to meeting you all.

Hey Mike, thanks for landing that Muskie for me. Oh wait, that's you with the fish and that's not me in your boat. grin.gif

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Welcome guys, glad to see some new faces!

Mike duckbill - I'm not really sure on a few teams, this is only an estimate. I know of at least one team that isn't coming back. I think it will fill as well. Not many guys thinking open water yet...

Muskie isn't on the list of species this year.

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Can't give a definite answer on whether the balsam lake bandits will return. My bro's been goin through a rough time this past year, and we are not sure yet. If he isn't available I may be looking for a partner, but nothings sure yet, and as Dan said, open water is a ways off(unfortuantley).

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There are about 5 teams that are confirmed, although I don't have payment from many yet. I won't be able to fish this year, I'm fishing some other tournaments as it turns out. I've asked Rob Fritze to run the league and he has accepted. Rob has fished the past 2 yrs. and will do an excellent job I'm sure. If anyone needs a sub for an event, shoot me an email....

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If you guys are in danger of not having enough teams, there are still some openings in Statewide.

The events are only 1 day'ers and are on Sundays so you can prefish Saturday.

Also, they are not too far away this season. I think the furthest is Rush Lake near Wadena.

Check out Chuck's thread for more info.

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I'm really looking forward to another great season with Metro LET's. Over the last two years I have learned a tremendous amount about fishing, got to meet some great folks, and enjoyed the competition. Heck I could hardly spell B-A-S-S two years ago and now I can skip docks, flip, pitch, and wacky worm just like the guys in the shiny boats.

If you have never fished in a league I strongly encourage you to try Metro LET’s. The competition will make you better. It’s great talking with everyone after the weight in and finding out what was working and where the fish were active. All things you can apply to other metro lakes.

This season will be great- another batch of awesome lakes, updates to the rules to make things more competitive, a mystery event, and earlier start and stop times for each event.

If any of you have been considering participating in one of these leagues – Metro LET’s is a great opportunity. Follow the link in the previous posts to register. Feel free to post on this thread or email if you have questions.

I’ll post again soon with the location and time for the preseason meeting.

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How many teams are in right now? Who all is returning? Although I originally didn't expect to, I believe we may now see the return of the Balsam Lake Bandits if there is room left wink.gif Watch out! Just interested in seeing who will be fishing this year.

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As of today we have four registrations in, but as I understand it most teams wait till the last minute in getting there applications in. Here is a list of the teams that have submitted applications.



Two men in a boat

Bob'n Stovetop

I've had a few inquires from others, but don't have application in from them. I'm trying to get the application posted on fishingsavvy but in the meantime if anyone wants an application I'll be happy to email it to them, just shoot me an email [email protected]

I talked with the folks at Gander Mountain in Lakeville on having the meeting there in May. Probably shoot for a Monday night as they have gun safety and other events other nights during the week.

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Didnt mean to make you sick about my post on green lake Gull when I refered to bass as green carp, you just have no idea how sickening they have been in my quest for the walleyes they can trash a dozen leeches in no time, I'm sure I've released 1000's of near state record fish and florida and green are so loaded with them that its sickening, Waska too I hate them they rob me of a lot of quality fishing, And expensive jumbo leeches I guess they are kinda fun, at least the smallies. You remind me of myself not afraid to express your opinion lol I hope you weren't too offended. Gee that green lake thread is huge I cant believe it. Come on though them duck sloughs you refer to are sweet lakes man. Where do ya think I got my trophys sure the heck weren't out of waska. After talking to Matt Johnson and Crappie Tom in the forums, I'm pumped to actually try to chase pannys and skis all summer, walleyes are actually starting to bore me too. Never caught a ski, or a trout, or many catfish, after seeing Babe fishing for carp on the outdoor channel that looks pretty fun too.

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