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FM mini flags for vehicles

Ya Hey Der

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Since people are coming up with ideas so that we can identify fellow FM'ers on the ice, I thought I would add my 2cents. It's been something I have been thinking about for a couple of years and I don't remember anyone else posting it so I thought I would throw it out there. Anyway, since lakes freeze pretty quickly and we are driving our vehicles on the ice for the majority of the winter, why not have mini flags that we put on our cars. The kind that get wedged between the door and the frame. For those who don't like extra stuff on their cars, they can easily put them on and off when you get to or get off the lake. We could have the FishingMN decal on it and leave some room on the bottom for us to write in our user names, get it professional added or just leave blank. Anyone interested? I saw some viking car flags for $10 at the Sportmart so I couldn't imagine the flags costing too much to produce. I thought it would also look cool if we drove out to a FM get together or ice series event and had a caravan of vehicles with these flags on them.

Thanks for reading and good luck out there!

YHD grin.gif

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Great idea! My first Iceleader event was lake winnie. I was unfamiliar with the lake and also thought it would be nice to identify the other guys out on the ice.

Maybe a simple brightly colored styrofome (spelling) ball that goes ontop of your antenna. Easy on off and cheap! Napolean thinks it should be the size of a bowling ball smile.gif

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All of a sudden, everybody wants to find each other on the lake now! J/K I know themes of this topic have been around for a long time now but there is never any action.

I like the sew on patch idea for portables, I like the flag idea, I like the sticker idea, but I like the magnetic logo for a vehicle door alot!!!!! I also like the idea about jackets or vests for staff at I.C.E. Series events.

I usually sticker up my vehicle with something, I've got a Browning buckmark in the back window right now and flock of ducks on the other side with "I brake for hovering Mallards" below that. But my decals remain on my windows. I hate to put them on my paint.

I bought 1 of each of the latest version of the FM logo and can't get anymore now. I'm also anal enough to need the right side of my pickup to match the left so I need matching stickers. Hence, I'm waiting for the next version.

Keep the ideas rolling guys!!! Someone will come up with something really good!!!

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Holy cow,

The ideas are coming in left and right....We here at customsilkscreening will be putting out some product in the next week or two. Be sure to check in at fmlogo.com for all the new products. As of right now, we are producing T-Shirts, decals, and stickers. In the near future we may have more FM/Ice Leaders logo stuff. If you have a great idea or something that you think may help promote FM and Ice Leaders please feel free to email me....The decals and stickers should be available in the next week or so...

[email protected]

Make sure to check out all the FM products from Fast Track and Custom Silkscreening at fmlogo.com...


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I'd like to see something simple like the Ducks Unlimited sticker. They have just a ducks head outline. We could have something like a Walleye outline with the letters FM under it. Something about the size of the Vexilar sticker, but less gaudy. Just my .02

If it wouldn't be to hard to do it would be cool to have your username on it too.

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