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AVAILABLE FINALLY - FM & IceLeaders Decals -Order NOW

Ryan Berger

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I am out on the lake quite a bit and am always wondering who else is Fishing Minnesota. I am wondering if anybody besides me is wondering this, and have been thinking about a Fishing Minnesota reflective decal for our portables. Has anybody else thought of this, is anybody besides me interested in doing this?

Just a thought... [

[Note from admin: Find them at http://fmLogo.com ]

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I know Custom Silkscreening in Bemidji is doing the silkscreen work for Fishing Minnesota (clothing, T-shirts, and they are working on stickers too I believe).

This idea has been tossed around a lot but it would be cool to see some kind of action. Maybe we need enough people to preorder to get this to happen.

What I would like to see is a silkscreened piece of canvas (or similar material) that I could have sewn on to my portable. I'm not sure if I'd sew it on the door or the rear but I think it would be cool. I'd probably go with both the IceLeaders logo & FishingMinnesota.com logo. It would be nice to have them pretty large too. I would also have my user name printed on under the logo.

Or maybe you could ship the canvas into them and have them print it right on the icehouse.

I'm just throwing some ideas out here.

Beef- Any of these sound possible or viable??

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Good thing you guys are patient. Tommorrow at 12:30 p.m. I have a meeting with a supplier of vinyl and stickers. It is my goal to have the FM Logo and Ice Leaders Logo up for sale by the middle of next week. It has been a process to get these made, but I have finally landed a supplier who will be great to work with.

Here is where you FM'ers can help me. If you have ideas or sizes that you think would be awesome----Please email me...

[email protected]

I love input and am here to help promote this great web site. Once again I apologize for the slight delay and I guarantee you will see some awesome products real soon....I will also check on the reflective materials....

Please feel free to email me ideas.....Also make sure to check out fmlogo.com


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I'd buy. Wife & I can't seem to get in as much fishing as we'd like this winter. Sure would like to meet some of you. Really wanted to make the White Bear Lake dig a couple weeks ago, but ended up working. I spend more time sitting here reading about it than doing it lately.


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I think its a great idea. I would buy one. Since you are making it to sew on. How about making it to hold your shelter licence at the same time. Some kind of see through envolope on the bottem of it.

I always have a hard time finding a good place to put my sticker on my otter.

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I don;t think you will receive one negitive response for any reflective logo or fishouse I.D. for fellow F.M.s to I.D. each other while out on the water or ice, how about boat F.M. logos?I would buy these.

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