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Thinking of a Texas Bass trip!


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I have been to Fork twice, and Cooper once.

Fork was the better of the 2 lakes. Nothing huge in any trip. Biggest was 5 lbs maybe. Some massive crappies on big 4 or 5 inch tubes though. Also got into some "sand bass" as they call them. I believe they are just white bass if I remember correctly.

Cooper was a rush though. Running 60 or 70mph through the timber. It was worth the price of admission for the ride!

The army corp of engineers cut roads through the woods before filling the resoivoir(sp?), so there are trails through the timber that you run with the boats.

Man, trees whizzing by you just feet away. I held on for dear life with the fear of hitting a floating log and being ejected.


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We go every almost every year and this one is no exception! When I was in college it was tradition to fish texas over spring break with my family. The lake fork area is great we don't spend any time on fork on the weekends because of the traffic. We hit several lakes including big creek, quitman, winsboro, and a couple other small lakes. We don't fish for numbers but the opportunity for big fish is great. We've never come home without one lunker 7lbs or over. Several 9lb bass over the years. The drive is a fun one. 17.5 hours and we usually drive straight through and start fishing that day.

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I have been down to Lake Fork, not the past couple of years, but i went down for 4 years in a row....this was an awesome trip. There are some cheap motels around the lake, and there are even a few campgrounds/mobil-home parks that you can get reservations for. We usually had a group ranging from 5-6 up to 10 people. The fishing is totally dependent on the weather pattern. Usually we have been down there aound the spawn...(march)which can be difficult...but can also produce some huge fish!!!

At first it may seem overwhelming, because its a different type of fishing, but once you establish a pattern the action can be hot. I persoanlly have caught my biggest largemouth down on lake Fork..it was a 9lb. 6 oz. Hog!!!

I can give you more info, and even numbers of people to contact regarding lodging if you want...

hope this helps...and i wish i was planning my own trip down there!!!


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