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Fish morning or evening low light? *DELETED*


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Traffic is a huge denominator when fishing open water. Crappies, sunfish, waldos....many species of fish will get shy as traffic on the water becomes greater. During the warm weather you will see people on/in watercraft and skiing late, possibly right up until dark.

Daytime fishing can be good if the weather is trash. Some of my best crappie fishing happens when I'm wearing the rain gear and for some reason the twinks with the jets and skis are not out. I don't understand that though, they are wet anyway aren't they?

Another consideration or two is that low light periods, or when the sun is not heavy on the water, is in the fishs' comfort zone. Crappies and walleyes are light sensitive. The early hours also offer cooler surface temps.. The late night hours suck the surface temp out of the water and the fish will be easier to approach when they are relating to shallow water structure. Even scattered fish will find food at the surface at dusk and in the early morning. When the wind is not an issue, you can watch crappies and even walleyes slurping bugs off the water's surface....and a prime time for fly fishermen to challenge them.

Lots of things make the low-light fishing attractive for people, but for me it is not having to deal so much with the clientel brought out by strong daylight.

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