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Mister Twister Top Prop


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I have a question about the Mister Twister Top Props. I looks to me like there's two versions- a weedless one with a single hook on the back and a version that has a bucktail back on it with double hooks on it. The bucktail version has double hooks that I assume face up. My question is- do these hooks consistently face up? Is the bucktail version relatively weedless? I like the looks of the bucktail version better, but if they're weed hogs, I'll go with the weedless version.

Thanks for the help.

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I am lucky enough to be on the MisterTwister ProStaff, So I can answer this question for you. You are correct, there are 2 versions of this lure, one with a bucktail and one with a plastic trailer. The bucktail version has 2 large Trebble hooks, and is not best for running threw thick vegitaion! The plastic trailer version will run threw just about anything!

Hope this answers your question!

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I beg to differ Pro staff guy,

I have several of these baits, with the bucktail and all of mine are fitted with a double turned up hook. I throw them into the heaviest of cover without any problems. I even have a couple that I have changed the hooks to trebles and seldome do they get hung up, afterall they run pretty high in the water so they aviod most of the problems.

"Ace" cool.gif

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