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Marcum 560 users


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I have the option of getting the new Aqua-vu sc100 right now.

But Iam now torn between that or the 560 !!!!

I love the direction control that the 560 offers.

And the option of the color screen on the sc100 is to die for.

The thing that is going to make the difference for me is, does the Marcum 560 have the ablity to be seen in the sun without a sun sheild?

I finaly have the cash to get one of the two and I want to make sure I get all I can for the money.

I just wish you could get all of the options from both of them in one unit.

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Vikings fan,

The VS560 does have a "sun shield". It's a collapseable shield built into the soft case. I saw one in the store and it was a slick unit. Look at a picture on the HSOforum, you can kind of see it but it is not expanded for us to fully view.

Here's literature from the 560 manual on the Marcum HSOforum.

"A high quality padded “Soft Pack” carrying case incorporates a built

in collapsible viewing shroud to enhance viewing in bright light conditions.

The front of the Soft Pack can be opened to allow for viewing

when not exposed to harsh light (i.e. when viewing in an enclosed

ice house). The versatile “Soft Pack” system provides protection from

the elements as well as allows for the easy storage of all camera

accessories. A draw string pouch on the back of the “Soft Pack”

holds the camera cable. A detachable camera pouch that houses the

underwater camera is located at the right rear corner of the soft

pack. Two additional pouches with elastic bands are included for

additional accessory storage."

Here's the manual to read all about the features:


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I just bought a marcum 460 model which is close to the 560. I've used it on sunny days outside the house drilling holes and exploring. The built in sun shield works well. I was able to view the screen no problem even in bright sunlight and fresh snow on the lake. The motorized camera for changing directions is a nice feature. I looked at the 560 but I couldn't talk my wife into letting me spend the extra money. mad.gif

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So I went and looked at the Aqua-vu sc100 this weekend.

What a joke !!!!!!

$599 for a camara like that confused.gif

If fishing with two pepole you both cant watch it at the same time as you need to look straight on in order to see clearly.

So I was waiting to look at that one before I bought the 560, and now I can't find the 560 frown.gif

Does anyone know where you can still get one at?

Gander said they were out and not able to get more in.

One would think Marcum would still be making them and shipping them out !!!

You can't even order them on there site confused.gif

If I can't get one soon I think I will just wait till next year, After all something better might come out.

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Your right, you might have a very hard time finding a VS560. I would suggest calling all over the place, somebody has to have one. Possibly try smaller, out of the way types of places.

There are a number of differences between the 560 & 460. The 460 is essentially the same camera as the 560 without the water temp reading, depth of the camera reading, autopan, directional indicator, and remote control.

You still get the panning capability with the keypad controls which is very nice.

I will say that the autopan & directional indicator are a couple nice features that you might want to have. I could get by without the depth & water temp and even the remote.

Just thought I'd let you know another option if you want a camera now. The 460 should be readily available or was the last time I looked.

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ditto what these guys have said - the 560 is awesome.. It is every bit as good as I expected from MarCum. You can pan from one bait to the next with the remote control. Or set it to Auto-pan (3 speeds it pans back and forth 360 deg.). No more messing around with the stink'n cable or tripods...

As for the sun - as mentioned above they have the sliding shield that comes up to cut down on glare.

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If I'm fishing with someone that does not have a flasher, I will point the camera at their bait. If I mark a fish, I will hit the pan mode until we see the fish. After we've tracked the fish down, we will keep on it with the camera. It's amazing how fun it is to watch the fish without the hassle of the old style cameras.

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