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Thorne Bros. Customer Service


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I have been a hugh fan of Thorne Bros. Rods and after today I am even a bigger fan. I bought my first Throne Bros. dead stick last year and have loved it everyday since. So this year when I took it out one night and it was broken I was so upset. None of it was their fault at all. I had too many rods in my bag and broke it all on my own. So I called Bill up and asked if he could fix it he said he thought he could by the way I discribed it to him. But it would take about a week from me sending it in to him getting it back to me. That normally wouldn't have been a problem but I had a tournment to fish that weekend and I really could image fish without my dead stick. So I told Bill I will buy a new deadstick and once I receive that one I will send my old one in for you to fix. He said if I bought a new he wouldn't charge me to fix my old one. Well today my rod came back and inside was a brand new deadstick not a repair one but a brand new rod. I can not say enough good things about these guys. I pretty sure I am sold for life. I once said that once you buy one you better plan to buy more cause you will be hook 7 rods later I am trying to decide what I want next.

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I had it in a Revolution when it broke. However I might need a second one. But I learned that trying to put 8 rods in that one bag is just too many even though they will fit. So I split the rods up. Some into my croxton and some into the revolution.

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I too, had a similar situation with Thorne Brothers great customer service. My sweetheart plus broke DURING a Fishing MN tournament, and when I brought it in, they replaced it on the spot. By them standing behind their product 100%, I was even more impressed than I already was with their great rods. I was on my way there today to pick up a new panfish rod, but the "blizzard" turned me back.


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I also have a testiment to great service and sales from Thorne Brothers,, All I can say is they gave me a heck of a deal on there floor model Otter Lodge, awesome shop and service,,

On another note, how do you fit 8 rods into the revolution bag,, I recieved mine in the mail today and thought it would be tough to fit any more than 4 rods, I have a Crookston Pond that fits 5 plus my 2 tackle boxes and was kind of dissapointed when I got the revolution in today. I was also in a hurry to get out fishing and might not have explored all of my options. Does anyone have pics of how they arrange there rods in the Revolution? I really like the idea of the bag. It just dosnt seem like it would fit more than 4 rods,,,

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No you can get 8 rods and reel combos in there. You put 2 in each slot so four on each end and fold the handles down. It is much better to do about 3 on each end there is plenty room for 6 and you just stagger the handles one if front of one one in back and another in front.

When I cleaned out my croxton this fall I put all of it in my revolution and have since added more. The other thing I like is that you can put bigger tackle tray in the center compartment where before you were more limited due to the size of the side pockets.

Here is a list of what I carry in mine

6-8 rods/reel crappies never less the 6 in both end compartments

in the main compartment

2 large size tackle trays

2 medium size tackle trays

1 small tackle tray

extra spools of line



1 or 2 rock'n reels

1 small ice skimmer a Little Dipper will fit if I move things around

pliers and other hook removing tools

auger blades and misc parts for auger

packs of bio bait

gaff hook for pout

So you can get a lot of gear in it. It sure doesn't seem like it at first but once you start putting stuff in it you will see there is ample room. I think the revolution seems more compact when it is loaded than the croxton as well.

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Ok I fit 6 rods in the bag, and I will be needing to get the larger size plano waterproof boxes now that I have a bag that will fit them... great product,, Has anybody modified theirs at all? I was thinking it would be nice to have a top piece on the middle part of the rod holder..

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You can get 8 rods ina revolution bag providing they are not much bigger than ultralite reels with the handles folded down of course. I learned the hard way on the first LOW trip this year. I had em packed with lures on, ready to go. I got a lure snagged pulling one out and broke a tip off. I was thinking about having my wife sew up some individual rod sleeves for when we want to haul 8 rods???

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