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Square Lake


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I have never really targeted trout through the ice except when I grew up by Rochester and hit up Foster Arends. Now, after reading these posts, it sounds like fun.

Square Lake is not that far. I am really interested in fishing it. I took a look at the lake map and it appears to be kind of a deep bowl.

Has anyone fished this lake? Is it worth fishing? Any tips would certainly be appreciated.Thanks

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I have fished it many times for trout. As with any species, sometimes they bite and sometimes they don't. An underwater camera is a very nice tool out there since the water clarity is amazing and you can see a long way. I fish them about 1/2 of the depth you fishing. meaning that if you are in 24' of water, fish 12' down. I have caught them 4' below the ice in 24' of water before. They are very scrappy and I found it best to keep the drag tight and not fool around trying to play them out. Just get a good hookset and get them out of the hole quick. I haven't really found a bait that was better than another, but I like a small jig with a treble hook and a crappie minnow. the Northland Forage Minnow is probably my preference. You might even get lucky and catch an Atlantic Salmon! There are a few in there and I did see a friend catch one once. It was about 5# or so. The trout are pretty nice sized and probably average 15" or so of the ones I have caught. Don't forget to buy a Washington County park sticker or pay the day fee of $5.00 on your way in through the park. good luck!

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