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2005 Fantasy Bass Fishing

Dan Wood

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Hey guys,

I deleted the old thread so we don't have any confusion. They reset things for '05 finally, so those that registered will need to re-register. This is free and a lot of fun! You can win some prizes too if you rank high enough overall - Chris Haley and his wife came close last year as I recall...

Include some portion of your FM name if you can so we all know who we are playing against... smile.gif

Here is the link and info...


- Register for a free account if you don't have one already

- search for FishingMinnesota group

Group name: FishingMinnesota

Password: MinnesotaBass

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Hey Dan - thanks for setting this up! If you were already signed up for the 2004 league (or registered on the old link posted earlier) all you have to do is input your signon/password and then signup/register for this group.

I'm researching my picks already grin.gif! Should be a good time.

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Top 15 - Day 1

1. Kevin Wirth Crestwood, Ky. Day 1: 5 15-05

2. Lee Bailey Hebron, Conn. Day 1: 5 15-03

3. Takahiro Omori Emory, Texas Day 1: 4 13-06

4. Jeff Kriet Ardmore, Okla. Day 1: 5 13-03

5. Dean Rojas Grand Saline, Texas Day 1: 5 13-02

6. Woo Daves Spring Grove, Va. Day 1: 5 12-15

7. David Walker Sevierville, Tenn. Day 1: 5 11-12

7. John Murray Phoenix, Ariz. Day 1: 4 11-12

9. Terry Scroggins Palatka, Fla. Day 1: 5 11-08

10. Tim Loper Terry, Miss. Day 1: 5 11-06

10. Norio Tanabe Tokyo 153, Japan Day 1: 5 11-06

10. Kevin VanDam Kalamazoo, Mich. Day 1: 5 11-06

13. David Dudley Lynchburg, Va. Day 1: 5 10-14

13. Gary Klein Weatherford, Texas Day 1: 5 10-14

15. Chad Brauer Osage Beach, Mo. Day 1: 4 10-10

Ouccchhhhhh for the local - must be tough fishing!

106.Ted Capra Blaine, Minn. Day 1: 0 0-00

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I am in last place on FM's group!!! confused.gif What did I do wrong. Only one of my picks placed yesterday. A lot of guys picked Woo Daves too because he was only rated a 4.0 but he placed real high - kinda bummed I didn't go that route. Hindsight is 20/20. I heard they had a short day yesterday though... I'm hoping some of my guys can at least make some sort of surge and showing today and put some points on the board - I doubt any of my guys at this point will make the 12 guy cut tonight though frown.gif although you never know - I'm hoping for a 45lb sack of fish from one of my guys like Rojas a couple years ago!!! Cha Right - maybe I'll have some reshuffling to do after this week mad.gif

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Mike -

Your not last, 2nd to last grin.gif

Yea they had over a 2 hr. delay because of fog... I should have went with my favorite VanDam, he usually seems to figure it out.. I decided to follow the favorite and go with Shaw instead... My top runner left had a 4.0 salary laugh.gif Things could change a heck of a lot I think with only 15 and some pounds at 1st. They say it is clearing up and they expect the fish to come in shallow to spawn over the next couple days...

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I'm not sure if playing this actually helps with the bass shakes or not...

Dan - I think you are 100% right! This is not helping! I think it helps initially and then it sucks you in even deeper than you ever wanted to go! LOL I think Bass fishing should be categorized as a drug!

Either way I'm just having fun following the event. Today can completely change things, only 15lbs for first yesterday on a shortened day is not much... usual bags down there are in the 20-30lb range. Most guys didn't even weigh a fish yesterday so all is not lost...yet!

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Oh, one more thing - did anyone of you guys doing this check out the lake maps available on the site. They have a few from MN (tonka, etc.). They are pretty awesome, you can't print out a big map, but it's cool to read up on the "hot spots" they have marked on the maps. Just another cool feature for doing this fantasy bass thing. Could be cool if you ever get out and fish popular tourney lakes in other states.

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Day 2 results

2005 CITGO Bassmaster Pro Tour

Jan. 27-30

Lake Tohopekaliga, Kissimmee, Fla.

Day Two standings

Professional anglers

Angler Hometown No./lbs-oz Pts Total $$$

1. Takahiro Omori Emory, Texas 9 31-05 310 $1,000.00

Day 1: 4 13-06 Day 2: 5 17-15

2. David Walker Sevierville, Tenn. 10 25-08 295

Day 1: 5 11-12 Day 2: 5 13-12

3. Terry Scroggins Palatka, Fla. 9 24-15 290

Day 1: 5 11-08 Day 2: 4 13-07

4. Jeff Kriet Ardmore, Okla. 10 24-13 285

Day 1: 5 13-03 Day 2: 5 11-10

5. Ron Shuffield Bismarck, Ark. 10 24-07 280

Day 1: 5 6-12 Day 2: 5 17-11

6. Scott Rook Little Rock, Ark. 8 22-11 276

Day 1: 3 4-15 Day 2: 5 17-12

7. Woo Daves Spring Grove, Va. 10 22-06 272

Day 1: 5 12-15 Day 2: 5 9-07

8. Kevin Wirth Crestwood, Ky. 7 22-00 268 $1,000.00

Day 1: 5 15-05 Day 2: 2 6-11

9. Gerald Swindle Hayden, Ala. 10 21-06 264

Day 1: 5 10-04 Day 2: 5 11-02

10. Jay Yelas Tyler, Texas 9 21-02 260

Day 1: 4 4-08 Day 2: 5 16-10

11. Jeff Reynolds Platter, Okla. 9 21-01 257

Day 1: 4 9-05 Day 2: 5 11-12

12. Kevin VanDam Kalamazoo, Mich. 10 20-07 254

Day 1: 5 11-06 Day 2: 5 9-01

12. Kenyon Hill Norman, Okla. 10 20-07 254

Day 1: 5 9-02 Day 2: 5 11-05

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Well I've got a long road to recover after getting crushed in this tournament. I was in second to last place on day one and just crushed into dead last with only 2pts to my name after day two.

I'm having to re-evaluate my field confused.gif. I went a middle of the road pack of anglers. All but one of them have placed high at least 2 times in the Florida bass tourneys in the last 5 years and still got shut out! Ouch - so much for research paying off.

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Next event starts this Thursday!

Next Tour Event: Harris Chain of Lakes

Leesburg, Fla.

Feb. 3-6, 2005

Registration deadline: 9 a.m. PT Feb. 3

Standings after Event 1

1 sicheneder Entry, david sicheneder 355

2 Fisher98 jer, jer larson 236

3 FM TNFL, Tom Newberg 216

4 RIP-IN-LIPS, mike keller 207

5 Money Ruhberg, Bill Ruhberg 191

6 Stickn' Smallies, Bucky Scholl 182

7 wishiwas fishing, Tad Braner 178

8 Bass Shakes , Dan Wood 175

9 olson Entry, jess olson 137

10 Gilbertson's Godzillas, Matt Gilbertson 66

11 Siebert fishmojo, Mike Siebert 32

12 BigMikeFM Mike Cross, Mike Cross 2

13 Juice FM, Kristopher Greene 0

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Well I had a much better tourney this time around than on the first. I've still got a whole bunch of points to make up for though frown.gif. All I did was change 1 guy... How come my other guys didn't produce as well on the first round confused.gif! Oh well - what can you do!

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