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99 XC 500 backfires part III UPDATE.


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Here is the update;

I ended up taking the sled into the dealer, where the changed out 350 main jets and replaced w/ 360. Then they claimed I had a flat roller in the clutch, which I check the week before and saw nothing wrong or wear. They ended up putting a roller kit in.

It seems to run OK now, but it still seems to sneeze around 3500 RPMs. This is getting frustrating, and I think the clutch work was a cop out due to they missed the main jets the first time they had the carbs apart.

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Does it act up on accelerating, or cruising or letting off throttle? Worse at times, cold/hot, no difference? Does it pop thru the intake or exhaust. Richening up circuits like what the shop did can (not always!) mask ignition trouble. What does the manual call for, needle position- main jet size- idle jets- throttle cutaway size. Mikunis all have stamped #'s on them, does it match what is in yours? Did you try switching carb bodies, see if it changes? Does it run WOT ok? Does it pull evenly throughout all RPM's? Do the throttles open up evenly, and reach WOT at the exact same time? Compression? Air leaks? So many things it could be. Where was it acting up before, what's changed?

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