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How accurate are the lake map books?


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I was just wondering what you guys think about this question. I am talking about the Sportsman's Connection series. Many times I have been out searching for certain pieces of structure with limited success and its kind of frustrating. I wonder if they are more of a general outline of a lake or just not very accurate.

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The maps are basically using DNR maps with a few of them enhanced using gis which really doesn't do much for improvement. They can be off by as much as 1/4 mile and they generally miss a lot of sturcture.

Look at the maps as general guidelines made using very old technology which wasn't precise. Some are better than others so it's basically a crapshoot.

If you are looking for highly accurate maps mapped using the latest technology you really should to take a look at the ProMap Series and ProMap Series big lake maps.

You can get more information on them at:


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Like Rick said, I use them as a general guideline for searching out a new lake.

What I really like to use them for is to look for new water to fish. They give all the general information and help to "jog" my grey matter when looking for a new lake.

There is something about flipping thru a book that is so much more relaxing than staring at a computer screen.

I think. smile.gif

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I would also say that these books are just a general guideline. They will show you general areas and depths but there are many bars, small humps, turns, etc. that they miss. Takes a little work to find some of these spots! grin.gif

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