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wire harness

drowned minnow

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drowned minnow-

I'm guessing you are looking for a used harness otherwise your dealer should be able to hook you up with a new one for around $60-70. I'm guessing on cost here, thats about what the harness for my 89 Indy 500 Classic cost a number of years ago.

Might want to check HSOList. Lots of people part out sleds there.

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I can't believe that your dealer wouldn't be able to get that part for you. That sled isn't even 10 years old yet.

Is something in it really fried or could you get it to work with a few new wires/connections and some good soldering?

I would do a good search on HSOList. My 500 I mentioned I parted out on HSOList. I did the entire sled so you might get lucky looking on there. Otherwise you might have to hit up some junkyards or keep scouring the net.

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ya that was my opion also but after checking with some other dealers and also skidoo that put the fingers to the key board. as far as replacing/repairing some of the wires there all to far gone, melted together along with throddle cable, burned brake padds, melted oil line and filter, and recoil rope. but there is still a good side to this as i checked the compession and is at 110lb's, pulled the pipes and checked pistions no scoring, no fire damage to hood, as for the cause of this ??? my sons bad luck that day? no. i think some wires shorted on the frame or where cable tyed to tite.

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I have to keep this conversation going.

Can you guess why I had to replace the wiring harness on my '89 Indy 500???

I'll give you a clue- Brakes...Fire...Wiring Harness is burning up.

Your kid didn't have a chance against this one, I know. It happened to me... Twice!!!

SLEDHEAD??? Are you out there??? Have you ever seen this. For me it was a result of an object of some kind overheating the brake disc which melted the wiring (which is very close to the brake disc) and starting a fire in the sled.

Before this happened, it felt like the sled was 'dragging' I would give it gas but it felt like the brakes were already on.

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I found some links at: off-road.com or try: http://home.off-road.com~directory/top100.php

may try Mohawks, call around, someone's gotta have something for you. Google search for snowmobile parts, keep looking, I found used carbs on hsolist, then needed cables and manifolds, lots cheaper than new. Always nice to know what they list for at the dealer, so you can determine if it's worth buying used.

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There was a recall on the Polaris sleds a while back for a parking brake problem. I found this on the net....

Polaris Industries MN, is voluntarily notifying owners of its snowmobiles of problems with operation of the parking brake. The snowmobile's parking brake, if left engaged during use, may cause overheating and possible fire. These snowmobiles can present a serious risk of injury to the rider due to fire, as well as major property damage to the machine.

Could be what started yours....

Anyway what I was going to say is there is a place on

Hy 10 in Ramsey called Hi-10 Sports. Its a snowmobile junkyard. They may have what you need or something similar that could be modified to your model. Good luck!

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There is a snowmobile salvage place in Blooming Prairie Mn that may be of use for you. Name is "Minors" or some variation of that.

My son got parts for his sled there last year - lots and lots of parts.....

Take 35W S out of the Cities to Owatonna, then 14 E about 2-3 miles until you get to 218, then 218 S about another 15 miles. Minors is on the S side of town, E side of the road.



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