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Enjoy it while you can!

The Grebe

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As weird as our weather has been, no telling what is going to happen toward the end of the season?

We might wind up getting a record early thaw...why not, we have set a couple of other records this winter!

Yesterday, comming home from trout fishing, colder then the dickens with that heavy wind, I seen 2 Robins about noon, up on 85th in Brooklyn Park! I have been seeing Doves off and on, all over the place this winter.

Later in the day, I was going out on an estimate, got stopped by a train in Camden and while waiting for it to pass, I counted 15 Robins and there might have been some I missed! All over Webber Parkway, how weird is that? Robins are the harbingers of spring? We have a few that winter up here, but a flock?

Enjoy it while you can, nature might weird out on us and end it quicker then we think!

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Ice_Shack...The trout fishing was an adventure! The wind about tore the portable house apart and just about peeled the skin off my face!

We fished about 2 hours without a bite and decided Taco Bell was a better option! We were in the process when the first Robins appeared....maybe I was delusional from that wind? grin.gif

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