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Guided Muskie Fishing

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I just finished watching "Muskies on the Shield" for the second time. I can already feel the sickness coming on. I've been talking with some friends about doing a guided muskie fishing trip this year, but don't know where we'd like to go. Does anyone have any experience in guided muskie fishing? Where did you go? What time of year? How did you do? Would you recommend it to anyone else?

I'd really like to go to LOW or even into Canada. If there is anyone out there who can give me some ideas or even pass on some of your stories and experiences, I would like to hear them. smile.gif

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Good to hire a guide first few days in on NEW waters.

They can, will show you how to fish the lake for the time your up, what to use, how, where...

Fun stuff.

Rob Kimm pops in here now and again, he for sure knows a few of the top guides on LOTW.

Mr. Dick Pearson if he is guiding.

Mr. Doug Johnson also.

Baystorecamp DOT com for more info on some great fishing.

Musky Expos are just getting into full swing, always a good idea to hit a couple of them if you can.

Musky seminars by some great sticks and tons of Musky folks to Rap with.

Some even buy you lunch.


Do your home work, ask a bunch of questions.

Shopping it almost as fun I'm told.

Good luck.



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Taking a trip with a guide especially on a lake the size of LOTW is well worth the money. It will save you time searching for the best water and the tips you'll get from an experienced guide will help you become a better angler in the long run.

There are many quality guides on LOTW, Doug J and Dick Person would be my choice however, you need to book them early, if you want to get the dates you want. smile.gif

"Ace" cool.gif

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Hiring a guide is a great way to not only learn something about a new body of water, but about how they think about muskies and muskie fishing. It can be a great learning experience.

As far as who...lot of good ones out there depending on where you want to go. Tom and Ace are both being modest, so I'll say it for them, but either of those two would be great choices for Vermilion. As for the Northwest Angle portion of Lake of the Woods, Doug Johnson's a legend for a reason... Gary Bartlett is another very *very* good guide up in that area, and he's a riot to fish with. If he's available, Lance Sage is one of the best there is up there (or anywhere probably), for any species you'd care to name. Pearson - not sure if he's guiding next year or not, but if he is...

If you're seriously getting into this, it's worth hiring a couple different guides on a couple different types/bodies of water. If you go into it looking to learn about fishing rather than just catch fish or learn 'spots,' you can really make it money well spent...



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Hiring a guide is definitely worth it. I have hired 3 in the last 4 years and hope to hire another this year. Also joining your local chapter of Muskies Inc. is a good idea too. My biggest muskie so far is a direct result of advice I got from other MI members.

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I will second RK's compliments and recommendations for Vermillion. I spent two days with MuskiTom and my two boys in 2003. What a blast!! Hang on to your hat when you are riding with Tom. Jake and Nick("Nip") have been talking about going back there every time we mention Fishing Vacations.

Why don't you take your buddies to the "Musky School" and get the benefit of 4 guides. We are seriously considering it.

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