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Snowmobile Trailer Question


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IMO, covers are worth the cost. Even with the good canvas snomobile covers out there, you still get road spray all over skis and suspensions. That stuff makes for nasty corrosion.

Definately get torsion axles too.

I have not looked at trailers for several years, so I really can't suggest a particular brand.

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I bought a FLOE trailer last year. I like it except for the ski holding mechanism. It locks the ski's down with a bar that is held down by pressure from a lever on top of the bar. It is fixed to the trailer by a peice that locks into a "track" on the bed. This track is suppose to offer versatility by being able to buy tiedowns that work with it etc. Put as far as using it for the main securing point for the sleds....I DO NOT LIKE IT. The track gets full of dump, and the lever can be a pain to work with when it is dirty and it is cold out. When it is clean and freshly lubricated it works real nice. BUt I have had the sleds move around when I have been on some rough roads. Also, if you want to put a shield on the front, I think you would have to take it on and off to secure/unsecure the sleds. Outside of that is is a good trailer...I know a lot of people who have them and the are very happy with how they have held up. Maybe the have a different mechanism this year???

Good luck. MDC

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