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More power for jiffy as it finishes the hole.



I have been adjusting my Jiffy 3 hp auger. It is running great now with one exception. As I get near the bottom of the hole and is starting to break through the ice, it does not have enough power and I have to lift it up and down and is makes the final cut. I think I need to adjust the fuel. Which one do I adjust the red screw? (I think this is fuel) and the screw to the right of the red screw. ( I think this is high idel) Let me know which one I should start with?

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If it is cutting well under load all the while and your having difficulty at the termination of the cut I do not think it is a carb issue.

What I suspect is a couple possibilities. One this is normal because at the end of the cut the center point has broken through and the blade suddenly gets a bigger bite. In this situation you hold back slightly as it ends the cut allowing the blade to cut more evenly.

The second is the main cutting edge is in need of a touch up with the file. If the outer cutting surface of the maim blade is dull it may be cutting unevenly and you notice it the most at the termination of the cut.

I would touch up both the center point and the main cutting surface and see how it behaves first.

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