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Little black dots in sunfish meat???


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It's called Black Spot or Black Grub depending on who you are talking to. It's harmless to human just as is yellow grub.

I can't get on to the VT F&W site right now, but here is an article from your area. Black Grub

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Found this on the dnr HSOforum.

Ask the DNR

Q. Are fish with worms and black spots safe to eat, and if so, do they affect the taste?

A. Most fish have internal parasites. Some you can see; some you can’t. The black spots commonly found

on sunfish, bass, and perch are larval flatworms, or flukes. The complex life cycles of these parasites involve

living in the skin of fish. The yellow spots, often seen under the skin of perch, are parasitic grubs.

All these parasites die when their host is cooked. They don’t affect a fillet’s taste, and they are harmless to


Parasites are usually harmless even to the fish themselves because the fish is simply a secondary host—a

transportation device used by the parasite to reach another animal.

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I remember reading about these spots a few years ago. I read that they come from geese. Has something to do with some chemical that is in the egg or the making of the shell. The reading said it is totally harmless. I do not keep the filets that are covered by it but have cleaned plenty of fish with it on the skin. It has no effect on the flavor of the meat and has not killed anyone in my family yet.

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Yeah Cooter, and no extra charge! I do not have a problem with the black spots in the fish. It's the rice in a mallard breast that will make me throw the thing out and I mean right now! Could not do that even though I know it will not hurt. Take care and N Joy the Hunt././Jimbo

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I've been told that if the meat is not cooked well enough the little bugs will work their way into you brain and it has an effect on your short term memory. Another thing it does is...

ah dump I can't remember what I was going to say.


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